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  1. Отдыхал, отдыхал, и решил сделать перерыв…

  2. so witcher 3 next. ciri getting captured by the wild hunt, and forced to fuck monsters.

    • This would be so awesome!
      There’s already a lot of Ciri 3D porn out there, but a full movie in animo-quality would be really great!

      • Fuck that i don’t want Ciri, i want Lara back. She’s the best horse girl

        • Yes. To me, especially because it wasn’t nonconsensual and Lara was adventurous, as if “I wonder if I can manage this…” then she gets more than she wished for yet she still goes on

    • Yes! Fucking god yes! Can you imagine the possibilities of Animo doing the Witcher universe?

  3. Episode 4 was really good, and the only one i like personally – i hated the rape-y ones. I wish Quiet acted more like a nympho earlier on instead of taking 3 episodes to build up to this. In the next part she must continue her slutty evolution even more.

  4. Part 4 was a let down for me. Not rough enough. Dialog was pretty good though. Now for ATWT and X-ray!! How about some doggy cum on back with jacking off? Two cocks would be nice.

  5. Deserve a break…? For whut?….i build up 2 Houses with 7-11 capacity in this tim, u did a short boring porn clip. U need more a study hours how to do video compressing and drawing. wtf dude…!

    • 1. You cant compress a video until the video is made.

      2. Compressing videos makes the quality shit.

      3. Not possible to build 2 large houses in that time.

      4. A shed full of Jews dosent count you German nazi faggot.

    • There’s always someone who works harder than you yet takes less breaks, and i guarantee you that you are not the most overworked person on the planet. So, by your logic, no one is allowed to take a break except for the few who work the hardest on this planet. Also, congratulations on the 2 houses you built alone in less than a year! That’s pretty fast, i’ve seen multiple people work on one small house for 3 years.

  6. Guys, leave animopron be and let him rest cause it ain’t easy to animate or previewing scenes for errors. It’s takes a lot of time, efforts, funding, equipment to make a film.

    • Same. Felt really weak compared to 1, 2 and 3. Nothing really happend. And tbh I dont need 12 shots of the same scene. Hell mostly I don’t need 2. Maybe it’s time you do sth else btq feels dead now.

  7. Good, you need a break after all this bitching and complaining you’ve been getting

  8. Please animo please make the last part both quiet and the interrogator worship and titfuck Brutus and have him sounded with the black dildo and make him shoot loads after loads pleasee

  9. Quiet need to fuck the interrogator so much more for everything that she have done in the last 3 episodes… I would love to see a full belly bulge, first from the ass or the pussy and after that Brutus fucking her again and filling her more. Don’t forget to put both in the end to fuck each other…

  10. What even is there left to do and show? We had all possible holes fucked and all positions with horse cock imaginable.

    • Footjobs. Scissoring. Teamwork footjobs. Teamwork titfucks.

      There’s still alot that can be done. Let’s just hope that Animo reads us.

  11. That POV cumshot was worth the wait, you deserve some rest while you dream up how to top that.

  12. cuming more than once in Womb is a lustful concept, could you please consider it for next episode?

  13. Hoping for a lot of Triss Merigold scenes. I’d just prefer videos being more like 4-5 minutes being produced every month or two, rather than 1 video that takes over a year.

  14. Never late taking a break
    Always late with any release
    Never late taking monthly support money
    Always late delivering on anything
    O/U is 7.5 months for part 5
    Save your money guys
    Far better for cheaper

  15. dead or alive girls please, doa girls is more sexy than lara, quiet, thicc girls more fit to horse

  16. Man there’s alot degenerate and hateful comments, so im gonna my own degenerate comment.

    Pinapple belongs on pizza

  17. Whenever you make more of these keep up with the pov stuff its the best

  18. Quiet fucking the interrogator doggy style while Quiet is taking Brutus’s cock up her ass. Would love to see the Interrogator and Quiet become best friends and just share the action

  19. Superb Part 4! Would be great to see less horse, and more lesbian extreme domination though. Maybe Quiet should whip out an even bigger Strap-on?

  20. Interrogators ass needs to be destroyed, then we can move on to other series but not until then…

  21. BTQ5 needs to end with a massive prolapse after all that huge cock anal pounding surely 😬

  22. Have the interrogator and Quiet fuck each other, have some lesbian action and have them become best friends sharing Brutus

  23. Part 5 should start with Quiet beginning kiss and worship the interrogator’s tits, grope her a bit until the interrogator starts to like it. They decide to share Brutus sucking, tit fucking and even go down on each each other for a bit.
    They should 69, scissor and Quiet should fuck her with the strapon and have Brutus join in near the end with Quiet and him double penetrating the interrogator only this time she loves it.

    It then ends with Brutus showering them both in cum just leaveing them in a complete mess, both Quiet and the Interrogator just lay there groping and kissing each other just completely covered in cum and it ends

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  25. Man you are so good at this. Did you ever thought about making something like BTQ of Red dead redemption 2 or Star Wars ? Keep up the great work!

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