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  1. dont wanna be weird but im not gonna jerk off for like 2 – 5 days before the release so i can bust a fat nut to p4

    • Same here. Got my dildos ready. Cant wait to stuff my boicunt while watching p4.

    • Good for you man you are a legend my goal was just reaching this site as fast as possible and see your comment cause its important for me that how you jerk off my friend. Tnx man tnx i appreciate it that you share your jerking method. I am so excited about my life cause you told me how you gonna jerk off. I’ll gonna be next bill gates or steve jobs tnx to you

      • Let them fucking be horny, if you don’t wanna know it just don’t read it or pay it no mind, it’s not that fucking hard.

      • This is the comment section under a post from a person who makes hardcore beastiality porn
        What did you expect?

          • Oh, are there other people making horsecock related content in the same quality as animepron? Dont care about the humans gender, i’m just into horsecock. Also dont care about the horse.
            Miss me with low effort SFM’s though.

    • Considering the last release date, that can be a way harder goal than you think

    • Considering this is releasing by the end of November you better not jerk off for at least the entirety of November.

  2. Nice video my friend. Hope you can add some tribadism/scissoring between the two women in Part 5 if you haven’t done in Part 4.

  3. I’ve never given someone money for fap, and now I have great reason for it.

    • Pues no te culpo y si el dolar no fuese tan costoso, también le donaría este wey, en verdad tiene un gran talento.

      • Warum antwortet man eigentlich auf einen Kommentar in einem englischsprachigen Kommentarbereich in seiner Muttersprache?

  4. Quiet and the other girl are really hot but brutus’ muscular huge cock is amazing too.

  5. Y’all been getting scammed by this dude for too long. If you pay for this shit you, you’re a tard. Delays and delays and delays to milk monthly’s… bet it’s April before another “I’m done, rendering” post.

  6. Eitherways the animation and the details are so much better than other sfms. Also it doesn’t repeat again and again like in some other sfms

  7. Just asking why she looks pregnant, and why she didn’t push it out like Quiet did?

  8. You need horse cock shoved deep inside you will being restrained. I’d love to see you scream for help just as the horse cock slips into your asshole and penetrates you so deeply that internal hemorrhage happens and you die while the horse thrusts you deeper and deeper. Fucking little clown go die.

  9. I mostly love coming here to see people shitting on Wirek. Why does everyone here hate Wirek?

      • That’s great you replied to your own comment just to pretend a crowd, but next time try to wait a little bit longer and don’t forget to change your name like an anonymous coward that you are…

        • I really don’t get why hating you became a meme. All you seem to do is encourage patience.

  10. Hope Quite will get super kinky dirty extreme.. sucking and licking deep the stallion ass.. or drinkink its pee.. whatever super nasty and hard comes to our pervy mind.. might even create super hard core version of this episode for those pussies that complain and want vannilla versions..

    • yee.. Quite give a prostate stimulation to the Stallion.. sounds good..the kinkier the better.. and dream to see more destroyed gape girls assholes..

      • if you’re gonna reply to yourself to fake support, at least wait more than 1 fucking minute dumbass lmao

        anyway keep your piss and scat shit to yourself, ur almost as bad as my little pony fags with infecting other fetishes with ur garbage


  12. Please have quite make the interrogator eat Brutus’ shit then have Brutus throat fuck the shit down her throat cumming in her stomach forcing her shit and Brutus’ out her ass so Quiet can force her to eat it again.

    • always retards like this in the comments. keep your niche garbage to yourself.

  13. Theres a whole virus spreading and people are staying home,you got plenty of time to finish this before april

  14. I will never watch animopron again if there is scat porn.
    Stay away from that shit.
    Thank you.

  15. I can’t hold my cum on my nuts anymore, I haven’t been exploded for a 1 week, waiting for the release..

  16. after animopron has finished rendering this i would love to see another Ellie video even if its short, like Ellie in chains pt 2 or maybe Ellie with horse.


    Sorry but your content is the best 3d that exists out there! Keep up the good work uwu

  18. I just want to say thanks you have wicked talent and I’ve enjoyed every video you’ve made thanks for dedicating your time and effort

  19. This aint a cooking show,stop adding stuff last min if its done………its done

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