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    • Agreed. With such a god like cock the girls should just be happy to be his sleeve

  1. Great work Animo! I love the resistance, that you gave her, when Brutus fucks her!!! Would also appreciate a much bigger bulge hat her belly!

      • I dont care about that, cause what would i want with a very small or only small bulge, when i can have a much bigger one for a bit more time to wait?? When he’s done with it, then he’s done and than we have the decision between a small bulge or waiting maybe 6 months more for a much better bulge!

        I don’t know what you take, but I for myself rather wait a bit longer to get a great bulge than getting it earlier but an far too small bulge to jerk of to

  2. Can you make her fucked parts jitter faster and more frequently, after Brutus pulled his massive cock out of them? And pls make his cum more slimey and come out more slowly than in in the other parts, cause in the other parts it felt like white water… would love to see that !

  3. make the horse run it through his penis, but so that the member comes out through the anal

  4. Animo there’s a bug in the animation at sec 00:01. You can see the tip of the penis through the skin can you fix it?

    • +1

      I don’t get the fascination either. Anal isn’t special, pretty much all girls do it these days. Call me old fashioned but some nice womb penetration and throat fucking is a much hotter fantasy. One is impossible in real life and the other a rare trait.

  5. Never realized I had a fetish for a first person perspective of a busty chick getting fucked by a horse.

  6. Please guys stop asking for “when do we get anal” or “where’s 3rd Person” THIS IS A FUCKING PREVIEW FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE PART XD

    Also if something isn’t right with the animation, than only, because its an preview and not the final product!

    And pls guys also stop about crying about realism, cause THIS IS 3D HORSEFUCK and NOT real life XD
    She could even have a different anatomie where everything is fuckable and like that she wouldn’t even have organs, cause the 3D animator is God in this case and can change the laws of nature for this anime like he want and bend reality in general (in the animations)

    Sry but someone had to say that… also great work animo and keep it up!

    • yeah these definitely take place in an alternate reality where internal organs don’t exist and people don’t really need to breathe all that much and can unhinge their jaws

    • I totally agree that this is just incredible IMAGINATION presented by the author(s) in a form of awesome SCIENCE-FICTION hentai ANIMATION.

      But on the other hand it is much more enjoyable (one can better empathise or even identify with one girl or the other) only if it is NOT TOO FAR OUT from fantastic realism (if you know what I mean). That’s why I don’t like that “all-the-way-through” or “x-ray vision” stuff (in the main part) but I’m totally OK with all such weird ideas as a bonus animations (I’ve seen them once and I won’t see them again).

      So far I cannot complain about anything here and I really appreciate everything that AnimoPron has already done. Thank you very very much and good luck!

  7. Put the brutus in the deep throat and the penis sticking out anus, but not (as a bonus) with her upside down

  8. Pretty sure everone wants to see her get deppthtroated snd her belly full of cum

  9. Talking aboud 3rd person vue… I honestly think it would be very interesting.. also if one would be able to use the Horse vue … don t you guys agree on this??

  10. I love the POV and the “physics” look very real …. but ….. is it just me, or Brutus’ cock seems to have shrunk a lot? here it looks like a “normal” horse cock … in previous episodes it was a motherfucking pillar, a transatlantic, a torpedo. He was the Ron Jeremy of Horses!
    Has he been exchanged with his stunt double ?

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