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  1. woah, looks good thoght this came out, but iguess I go study homework instead

  2. Nice when is the video where brutus gets to fuck the interagator bains out so we can see her big titts covered in her moaning

    • It’s not the final video, just samples from it. Release date is unknown yet.

    • I think that from a third person we can also watch or from a quiet perspective

  3. Hey Animo (and also to all who watch this) what do you think about including scat? I mean were already seeing their insides ….

    • Well maybe this could be included in the game he is working on….if that is still the case. Since scat is a very niche fetish it doesn’t cater to a big audience. When inside the game everyone could choose for himself to include scat.

    • Scat ? you are like in final stage of porn , i wont make fun of you coz this happens when you are super addicted (porn daily) , and normal porn doesn’t excite you anymore.
      in my advice you need help like stay away from porn as much as possible if you can’t then visit a psychologist (general advice).

  4. Has anyone else had a problem with their debit card being declined when trying to subscribe to Animo on Subscribestar, despite having sufficient funds in your bank account? I already called my bank and they said there was nothing they could do unless the payment failed and showed up as failed in my account. What can I do?

  5. I’m going to be honest, i’m reeeally excited about this one. You don’t get first person view very often and even more rare having it as extreme as this.

  6. Hi Animopron
    Its better not to post spoiler pics or vids, you can just inform us how the project is progressing.

  7. We need a good soundtrack on this video !!! Would also make the other 3 Parts 10x better, if they get a nice fitting soundtrack too!!!
    Btw. pls no heavy metal!

  8. We are gonna see the interagators face right? Hope it’s not all POV. You can’t really do and see much if it’s gonna be POV the whole time. If seen a few people say that it going to be in third person soon after, so hope they’re right.

      • I bet that many girls around the world will be amazed by the 4th part – surely they will be loving it. And it will be an awesome empathy training for the rest of the viewers, hehehe.

      • The problem are credit cards, i never met someone that ever used or even had one.

        • Credit cards are a normal payment method and nothing special in the EU.
          It just means the people you met are not a representative cohort.
          Not saying one SHOULD only be able to use credit cards with subscribestar, just that there isn’t a problem with credit cards per se in the EU.

          • EU = 28 memberstates
            My country ca 30% own a CC, out of these only every 70th payment is done with a credit card. It doesn’t make sense to get one. Not even for animo, the fee is to much. I use a girocad.

          • I was referring to credit cards in the EU, not one specific country of the EU.
            If you meant your specific country then you should’ve said so from the beginning.
            Instead you went with “people outside the USA”.
            You were being very broad and making it seem as if credit cards are the problem for “people outside the USA”, when really it seems to be a problem in your vicinity.
            It might be a problem for *some* countries, but definitely not for the EU in general.

  9. Can we get some inflation in this one? Would be pretty cool to see her belly swell with cum in POV.

  10. Have quiet untie her and let them enjoy Brutus horse cock together, I want too see them lick his cock together.

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