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  1. love the bush! can you say sth about the status/plans of this project? like are we looking at 2+ years till release, or what?

  2. Hopefully BTQ4 is short and the last of the series. 15min is plenty long enough. Can’t wait for the game to come out. Since Lara will have the optional horse cock, does that mean you will be adding a second female character for her to use it on?

  3. Looks great! Can’t wait for it to finish. Really excited for BTQ 4 ;D. Hope it will be a long one!

  4. “P.S. I’m gonna start working with BTQ 4 in a few days. ”
    Month ago:
    “Right now we’re working on it in spare time, but after BTQ P4 – we’ll start working on it fulltime. “

  5. Glad you are branching also, but also glad you are returning to finish the series. Felt from watching part 3 that you were a little burned out. Hope this is helping so you continue to enjoy producing awesome material.

  6. Okay i know a lot of people are upset sense this game is gonna take a long ass time to come out but lets be real, this is probably gonna be the most graphically intense porn game of all time

  7. I’m still hoping that changes will be possible within single outfit (color, length), not just changing preset outfits.

  8. I love new Lara Croft animated 3D porn, I like her bushes and treasure trail pubes. By the way, how long get new Lara Croft 3D animation bestiality? Including Crimson Fire from Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Crimson Fire with new hybrid penis of equine knot penis; combination of horsecock and canine knot penis.

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