Screenshot from the game “intro” scene

Check out a first screenshot from the game intro scene. It’s kinda dark in there (it’s supposed to be a “stormy weather”), but it’s gonna be look good in the actual videogame cutscene.
Also – i posted a short video-loop for supporters.

P.S. We’re looking for a good “Level-designer” and “2d artist” now (Unreal Engine). If you’re one of them – please send me an email.

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  1. Looking beautiful, Are there gonna be ingame cutscenes? Also do you have a possible release date in mind?

  2. Get back to BTQ Part 4 right now and it better be the Interrogator who gets fucked.

  3. Please focus on the game if gonna be tons of horse brutaly raving this girl, we dont need BQ4 or start a new movie

  4. I would much rather have the game, than ever see a BTQ4 come out. Although if you wanted to continue the Lara with horse series I wouldn’t mind one bit.

    • Add some horse dp to the game. It would be awesome. And if its possible x-ray would be cool too.

  5. game is gonna be paid like a normal game or patreon access thing like the animations?

  6. It would be good to see a porn version Tomb Raider. What definitely should appear:
    1.Customize Character appearance – size boobs and ass, hairstyle change etc.
    2. In addition to horses, monsters necessarily eg.minotaur, werewolf, Thrall creatures etc.
    3.Can save game everywhere, change clothes and add skills around the campfire.
    4. Winter and sunny map.
    5. Artifacts, ancient buildings, Bows and other weapons.

    I have no idea if the story will appear, If the author considers this, changes should be made to the version with vagina and futa. If that’s why there will be limited dialogues then it is not a good idea, it should be in sex scenes, but I think it will be just a simulation, nothing more.

    • I’d say don’t waste time on unnecessary map stuff, for all I care this could take place in a complete void…

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