Some of the new features for upcoming update

New version release is very soon, check out this video with some of the new features in-game!
I didn’t show some of them of course, such as Gallery mode, but there is still some cool stuff to see!

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  1. Ohnonono, they’ve been working on gameplay mexhanics all this time. Who gives a single shit about the combat in this game??

  2. Aren’t these like… baked-in features of the unreal engine? Like the only interesting parts here are the shooting range and the gallery and you didn’t even show off the freaking gallery. Fallen so far, man…

  3. If we knew this would take a long time then we would asked for more videos instead

  4. Who even cares about all these mechanics in a game like this? This is as pointless as possible. Focus more on NSFW content, but it turns out that all this time was spent almost in vain. Go back to making videos, that’s where your talent is.

  5. Wow…a lot of features no one asked for. No one cares about combat when you can’t even replay the same sex scenes. You gotta decide if you want to make a porn game or a normal one, because a decade has only ten years.

  6. when i try to increase the brightness, the color gets pale or paleish

    is there any way to increase the brightness and contrast?

    because the image gets pale when i increase the brightness and the game is so dark i cant see shit sometimes
    like is hard to see lara or tara sometimes

  7. combat and weapons sucks, make love not war

    she should only fight with dildos

  8. God, I wish you’d go back to creating movies. I just don’t find the game interesting at all

    • i do, the game is fun

      the only problem is how slowly is created

      although to be fair GTA 6 has been created for like 11 years already

  9. Why are these comments so toxic. It is a great game with different mechanics instead of just non stop sex scenes making it more immersive. Graphiocs are great and gameplay is good. Keep going man!

    • im personally was bored of so much breaking the quiet, why so many fucking episodes about quiet

      • yeah and honestly the quality of the game is way better than any other games like this. The graphics and sex scenes are insanely detailed. games like wild life is nowhere near this quality.

  10. theres a episode of fear factor in which they drink donkey sperm & donkey piss

    lara should always carry sperm (human and non-human sperm) in a bottle with her as energy drink
    also she should carry piss too, make her drink ‘lemonade’ and ‘milk’ to restore health

      • Then you’re in a wrong place – try DISNEY (and all the things they’ve been occupied and disimproved lately)!

      • @zetirun dude you are in a 3D horse porn website, you talk about disgusting things in a horse porn website? lul
        like the autistic wirek condemning ‘coprophages’
        @wirek have you forgotten that quiet licks the horse’s dirty asshole in breaking the quiet?

        • And where are you going to get the horse milk from? It would be interesting if you could tell me about the horse that calls from time to time.

        • Since you’ve asked, here’s my answer…
          You’re right about one thing and one thing only: “you are in a 3D horse porn website”. And that’s about it ‘cos in the overwhelming majority of other cases you’re wrong, simply wrong or terribly wrong, you poor autistic coprophage.
          “quiet licks the horse’s dirty asshole”
          Well, Brutus’s asshole is never shown in the scene from BtQ you’re referring to, only his buttocks are. The fact that Quiet has got a clean face before and after rimming his ass proves that his ass is squeaky-clean, you dirty coprophage. In consequence, it proves you wrong.
          Besides, have you forgotten that I had posted a step-by-step guide to what to do with the unwanted (rimming of Brutus’s anus) part and how to cut it out in a lossless process… over 4 years ago? You’re wrong if you think that anybody has to watch it ever again.
          Eat more shit, and you won’t be able to remember anything, DEAR SIR. Coprophagy is bad for you, though. It’s just wrong.


  11. You must be kidding
    Try to use your time for the game itself, instead of its mechanics – this can be added/tweaked when the game is done, i repeat: WHEN the game is done!
    Or like some other here wrote: Go back to film-making, which i (also) would like the most

  12. Thank you very much for the update Cheer up, the effort you put into those details is evident and it would be better if the update came out in 2 weeks, it would coincide with my vacation.

    • 2 weeks??? – what the hell are you thinking – ANIMOPRON and !2! weeks colliding itself – 2 weeks o-)
      Take you vacation a little longer, lets say 2 years, come back and see the improvements!!!

  13. weapons and killing is gay

    we want sex and fun and sexual pain but without gay killing shit

  14. Plz make sure this game is heading to right direction. More NSFW stuff, less FPS bullcrap, the more devs spent time on creating non-sexual stuff, theres a high chance this game will fail or end up like those scam project on patreon.

  15. man I just want to hook Tara’s lower jaw to a chain step on her head and pull it out of her mouth, then throatfuck her with each thrust there will be more and more blood spilling from her disfigured face, who’s with me?

  16. There is already too much gameplay and not enough sex play mechanics. We need more options and interactions with the sex scenes. The map should be reduced by about half the size it is now. Just stop doing all the things people don’t care about.

  17. How do i delete my account.Since i cant recieve the email to change my email that i created this account with???

  18. You spent 5 months doing… nothing? Make content, make videos, dont waste time on time drying clothes. You know why everyone is here and its not to “SICK” game mechanics.

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