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  1. :PagMan: PEPSI MAAAAAAAAAN, come get your private deep fake videos, static photoshop fakes! And die!

  2. Animo du Hurensohn,wie lange willst du uns noch hinhalten du fucking Nigger!!! Alles fake,soundversion war schon von anfang an für Supporter frei

  3. Just fuckin release it you fuck anybody that actually supports you are morons. All you do is lie and drag the shit out. Fuck off

  4. Your whole schtick is dragging shit out, honestly incredible how you manage bro

  5. At least fuckin tell us you’re only gonna release it for supporters so we don’t get our hope up

  6. I checked and it has been theree months minus two days between this and the public release with no sound

  7. Y’all it’s the same as the no sound version, THERE IS NO DIFFERENT ENDING AND ITS THE EXACT SAME

  8. Hey everyone it’s ya boy Rob here again. First to the party it seems, haha. Whatever, s’all good. I’ll just grab a brewski and get the BBQ fired up. Hey if John, Mike and the others get here, send ’em my way. I’ll keep couple cold ones and some sizzlin’ dawgs over here with their names on ’em. Rob out.

  9. It’s a shame that such great works of porn are under the ownership of such a fuckface dickhead.

  10. So you wanna be a creator? Then step right up and attend AP School of Creation!

    Learn how to mislead your multi-tiered supporters with different timelines and status updates
    Master the “Art of Excuse” and how you can prolong releasing your work
    Censor those that speak truths and post proof of your hypocrisy with ease
    Commission out various parts of a project only to delay payment or to even not pay for it
    Hold others accountable for self-inflicted problems by calling out your “team” to shift blame
    Skirt hosting sites ToS and membership ledges by posting years old with a new timestamp

    And finally… learn how to literally contradict yourself even in the same post

    Yes folks! It’s that easy! Just call 800-277-8257 or just jot down our easy to remember alpha-numeric version of 800-AP-SUCKS

    • You know comments like these, cringe-comedy aside, only fuel his ego and shill supporters further. He and they all laugh.The later don’t even monetarily support, but only fan the flames of the cancerous fire that is this comment section for lolz. As for AP, he rarely comments if ever. But know this for a fact, he, or who runs this page or actually does the work, don’t care about anything except doing the bare minimum to maintain his collections at the one site that will host his content (and his ways). Just be glad you aren’t one the “many” that throw away 72 bucks a year on a whooping 16 minutes of 2 year old renders coming off he heels of a 14 month run of nothing between episodes 4 and 5 of BTQ.

      That being said, he did say this was an “incomplete” version and that next month he will “maybe” address the issues within this bonus. That was posted to his pirated thread earlier. What they are, I have no idea. Some said there was supposed to be an alt ending to this one, but who knows. It’s just another bait and switch to hook/maintain subs throughout the summer months just like last year with the promise of extra content and a combined BTQ series.

      Check back in 6 months for 8 more updates about non-work and endless promises of “shiny new things coming” sprinkled in with concept game art from 3 plus years ago.

      • ah, we don’t care about AP video anymore. We come here for trolling each other in comments. ATWT bonus available already for a week, but ppl continue to write here all sort of stupidity for fun

  11. you ever just whip your dick out and fuck the shit out of a mound of jello or is it just me? TheCut

  12. Y’all think he’s actually workin’ on that “game”? The same one using a Blender Build from circa 2018? The same “concept” he started talking about nearly FIVE years ago just after Lara x Horse? You mean the one he’s only NOW postin’ “updates” to the public of walking animations and looped gifs he previewed to his money subs over THREE years ago? You mean that trash!?

    Y’all really shillin’ hard for this game. Probably the same shit heads cryin’ about a safespace in that thread of his too anytime someone posts ANYTHING negative. Why dont’cha check back in 2030 or so when a demo is released after 48 non-updates, 25 delays, 5 weather events and 3 more pandemics and maybe even a world war as excuses!

    • your damn right we gonna keep shilling and calling for safe spaces for our guy
      not our problem you cant stop bitching and fap to something else while our master makes you wait a year between glorious 10 minute releases
      AP is a gift from r34 heaven

    • I’m not interested in that game. I was just asking if he’s focusing on it. Maybe think before you comment you retarded orphan.

      • He wasn’t even replying to you. Maybe you should check with your proctologist for a brain trauma.

      • >behold AP target audience
        no wonder y’all have zero problem with this guy literally fuckin’ ya every month with non-releases. guys can’t even read or figure out how a blog works but have no problem passin’ judgement on others. maybe YOU should think before YOU post ya “re-treaded organ”

    • this is biden country bro
      they got no problem supporting a guy that promises every thing but delivers nothing… just like AP

      • biden honestly hasn’t done shit,Trump actually spoke shit into existence and was blunt af,TRUMP 2024

  13. Здравствуйте

    Я солдат танкист из России. Мне оторвало на Украине пипиську и теперь я собираю на протез. Подайте кто сколько сможет, а то я уже год не совал и не дёргал

    • Здравствуйте
      Я солдат ВСУ, пару месяцев назад я нашел чей-то член. Я не мог наиграться с ним, это повлияло на выполнение моих должностных и коммандир отобрал его. Теперь вся рота парализована, коммандир днями напролёт играет с этим членом, не отдает приказы. Мы уже в окружении, нас перебьют, помогите!
      Слава Україні!

  14. torrents already up in the usual spots with the combined BTQ… shockingly NO ONE IS SHARING OR EVEN DOWNLOADING IT… i wonder why? maybe because people have finally moved on from this snake oil salesman!

    • either because everyone got it the first day over a week ago OR they just care/forgot being so long between releases. not hard considering almost a year has passed since BTQ5 came out. since then all we’ve gotten was about 15 minutes worth of clips with well over half of them being looped. even his thread at f-95 where all the shit is posted is heavily monitored to say the least. they got shadow posting in place all to protect a horse pron maker. shits that sad that all posts must be “approved by the state”… i mean by a animo shill… er…. forum mod before getting posted unless your name is on the whitelist.

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