Update on BTQ 5 release date 2

I need around 3 additional days to finish the video (render title cameras, and finalize the ending). I was really trying to make it for this weekend, but there’s just too much to do still.

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    • I brought this up before but think it got ignored which is a shame because it would be awesome in VR. I wouldn’t even care if it’s the exact same camera angles as it would be better than nothing. Once it’s already released, what’s the harm in rendering out the VR version in the background?

      I remember over a year ago when Animopron was on Patreon and before donations were hidden they were making crazy money, sure it was over $35,000 per month. Surely they can afford multiple top-spec computers to do the rendering on.

      • Too much of a commitment for little return – hype won’t be there after the main release, it just doesn’t seem worth it

  1. 3 additional days from July 10 or 12th?
    I can see the future that you will delay and then it was happened! I’m so good! I can be a prophet!
    Poor and idiots supporters!

    • at this point i urge y’all to go to sfm conpile club.
      some of the shit there is far and above this guy’s stuff

  2. этот ебанат по полтора года рендерит 40 мин видео, он че на селероне это делает? ебучий мудак

    • Хз почему, но тот факт, что люди так горят от ожидания прона с конем, очень дико веселит XD
      Ну, а вообще, тут соглашусь, его постоянные “незапланированные переносы” из-за которых оттягивается релиз – оч раздражают.
      (Буду очень орать, если в итоге видос будет длится 20 минут или меньше)

      • не, я когда верку сиклаир искал сюда залетал и наткнулся на пост этого конееба , что типа это видео ( 5я чать) будет самым длинным из всех что он выпускал ранее. Значит по идее точно польше 40ка минут, а то и на час конееблю замутит.

  3. Take all the time you need! I’m sure the video will make us worth our while. Hope there’s an ATWT scene on it, or at least a bonus one.

  4. опять даты нет…просто..мне нужно 3 дня,блядь! ты дату назвать можешь?

    • Конечно… НЕТ. Как иначе доить деньги с ожидающих контента патронов? )

      • Эх, как же хочется делать одно видео в год и жить на бабки ебанутых буржуев

        • Иди на курсы типа Geekbrains по графону и ебаш нечто в духе Virtual Lust сможешь по два года жить на деньги буржуев)


  6. Please do a VR version of your videos! Doesn’t have to be perfect, just use the same camera angles and re-render or something.

  7. Tell you what, I;d be pissed if I was haemorraging money into a patreon and the date kept getting put back and back and back. In a real job if you did that to a client after they’d paid they’d demand refunds!!
    But hey, I’m a happy freeloader so I aint losing shit. I only check back once a week now, if that, and keep my expectations low. The last BTQ took over a year for what, a half hours video or something ? Something doesnt work out there.
    Still, something you can absolutely rely upon are the comments! I swear you could do Animopron bingo with regulars such as “milking”, “faggit”, “faggot”, “”, “ATWT” and other classics.
    Peace out, back next week, maybe.

  8. Lmfao…more time,more hilarious than watching white do coke and get drunk off only 2 beers

    • Did you know your president fucked your mom? Animo was the pimp. Ya gay chink.

    • So now you are dictating what others need to think, that’s just so Chinese.

  9. See it was only hard for u to bord u mother fucker ! Your mom can be so proud of you 😊 eat sit u are a lier u damn ass!!!!

  10. >but there’s just too much to do still
    13 plus later and still not enough time

  11. i told you guys this is coming out in august, its been the plan the entire time. that being said, ep5 has been done since the end of may. there are no title banners lol. wtf is this

    • I saw your comments bro, I was betting on a whole year too. Want to make a bet on the duration of the video? I’m guessing 45 minutes max.

  12. I don’t know who get fucked in their ass more, Quiet or the supporters?

  13. 3 days = mid week next week = 2nd week of donations = paycheck deposit from donations so people cant cancel the money. just admit this shit, stop lying.

  14. So any actual payers have news?

    The logical half of me wants to be like: “ok, life happens.” Cause it does.

    Other half has been covered by the comments.

    • you must be new here. he’s been doing this exact bait release thing for years now. come back in a month or two and maybe youll see it. or just search 8chan or reddit for the paid release that will be up the moment some supporter uploads it

  15. Who is worse? The shepherd or the flock he leads?

    The Flock
    Imagine willingly and continually paying someone under the premises they will release content… and then they don’t.
    Imagine visiting either the paid forum or blog on a daily or weekly to shill for someone who has no interest in anything but collecting money for non-work.

    The Shepherd
    Imagine stringing paid supporters along for months if not years at a time with weeks, and in many cases, month old progress pictures and “finished” renders.
    Imagine not even bothering to keep your forum/blog posts in order and stating you’ve “begun” to render TWICE some three months apart.

    In this case… it’s both! Stop supporting this and it will change. But no… as soon as this drops. All is forgiven from subs and leeches alike. So sad how “horse cock” has you all trained.

    Truth be told bois and gurls… EP5 has been done for weeks now. SubscribeStar pays out third week of the month so this isn’t gonna be released until then for the pay supporters. That’s why June got pushed back lo-key into Jul. And now the same will happen with July into August. The public will not be until late August like I’ve spammed now for months. This was the plan all along but no one wants to believe someone with direct knowledge.

    That being said. Final run-time is 38 minutes with a “shocker” ending that even first time viewers could see coming. It’s nothing special outside of being a longer EP than the previous ones. All you’ll be seeing at least 2 scenes done EXACTLY the same just from different angles to give the illusion of something different is happening…

    Finally… and you can quote me on this. NO NEW WORK ((after the “bonus” BTQE5 content much like with previous end episodes like lara horse all the way penetration and xray)) will be posted on the blog until mid 2022! Paid supporters will get “scraps” and outtakes if you will from the BTQ series including table-drawings and other animations. Not even worth the 6 bucks if you ask me… and oh yeah… that’ going up to before the end of the year!

    >INB4 nigger, shill, bot, ur still here, cock sandwich, troll, lol, autistic-sperg and what ever else you people respond with. You’ve all been played for years… and he’s not gonna stop!

    It’s only gonna get worse from here!

    • What is the most intelligent sounding bullshit paragraph you can write?
      “Never in the field of human conflict have we owed so few to so much” -Theodore Roosevelt

      What Theodore Roosevelt was meaning in this sentence from his famous Gettysburg address at the end of WW1 in 1969 was the lack of importance that the slaves of South Sudan had played in the battle of Helm’s Deep, the storming of an Australian bunker by the American and North Korean coalition on the surface of the Antarctic circle. However, importance of the slaves of South Sudan was “yuuuuuuuge”, in the words of George Washington, and “was unfairly downplayed by the left-wing conspiracy media”. They were instrumental of the building of a “large wall along the Mexican border”, which helped to keep the Australians out of the United States of North Korea. Historian Jared Kushner estimates that the efforts of the slaves in building the wall resulted in 69 less sex-starved flightless bird extinctions, 666 less Satanic bird demons appearing, and 420% more dopeness in the ranks of the American and North Korean army, which proved instrumental to the North Korea and America coalition’s victory in the “War to end all Australians”.

  16. holy shit is the same thing he was talking about last may like in 2020 about doing? its been over a year and it’s still not out? lol wheres that anon that called his work marvel-like and how much is he paying you say that

  17. anyone know about AP maybe getting hit with a ToS violation on Subscribe Star? someone made a thread on 4chan about ten minutes ago… I know, right… they posted two screen shots of his pay supporter’s forum! a few handles were posting about it. AP didn’t reply at least in the screens posted. the main theory is that someone complained to substar about AP not adhering to some bylaws regarding payment vs releases or some shit. I guess he meant hes been paying and the guy has been releasing nothing…. or basically what this blog has been saying for YEARS!!!!

    • Is that supposed to be shocking? Of course he’s scamming people. And the people who are letting themselves scammed deserve it. Who pays for porn in the first place? Who pays for animal pixel porn at all? You have to be a retard.

      • i didn’t post it to start something. I just wanted to see if it was true. this blog is cancer and makes /b/ look tame by comparison. you can check any post to see that expect for any releases. still, i agree. its 2021 and who pays for anything anymore when it comes to PCs outside of hardware? every thing is pirated. this ain’t 20 years ago stealing downloading mp3s from aol chat rooms

      • >not understanding how 4chan
        1000s of threads are made daily with most lasting not even 10 minutes. this claim was nearly made an hour ago. best to search chan archives. it will wind up there if a certain amount of people respond to the thread. if no one does, it’s binned. though it would help to know which board this was posted on. id start with /b/ as its random but who knows if this is even true anymore. ap has been doing this shit for years and it’s probably him to drum up support as usual

  18. I wanna see scream and begging for more as Brutus dominates them more and more.
    Like my mother in the barn every night.

  19. Not to be a dick but you make like 35k a month and it’s taken you over a year thats 420,000$ to make a 30min movie that’s fucking insane

    • you shouldve been here this time last year. he claimed to have had over 25K monthly paid subs at 5 bucks a pop…now down to about 7500. either lying or that many people wised up and bounced. you figure it out

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  21. This will be released on Friday August the 13th when the true president is reinstated

    • fun fact august 13th is also national kool aid day…mann,if only trump and all his supports and kids would drink the kool aid…

  22. Man why giving dates that you cant even commit to, 3 days my ass, can someone tell him this shit is global not Russia, where 3 days means less or more 3 months. Thats maybe why Russian/Asian are chilled as fuck for this

    • I speak fluent Russian and I can tell you the Russians are losing their shit in the comments to this particular post. The extent of anger in their comments makes the rest look like a polite intellectual conversation.

  23. Did you know? #7 In eastern Africa you can buy beer brewed from bananas.

  24. Getting to a release date feels like the zeno’s paradox. Everytime we get where it should be, it moved forward a bit.

  25. Весна опять наебала
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  26. Is it right that he has
    7962 Supporter Subscriptions on subscribeStar for
    $6 each Subscription
    = $47,772 in total *EVERY MONTH*?

    If that’s true: You Supporters really are giant Morons and AnimoPron is just doing the capitalistic right thing to do: squeeze every dollar out of you he can with the most minimal effort possible.

    As long as you keep paying without him releasing, there is ZERO pressure on him to release anything.

    Like he cares what you idiots *think* or *write* in the comment section here.


    • I don’t understand this argument. The more he does this stuff the more attention he gets and more subscribers. Regardless, for most of us this is free

  27. Any females here that want to share real life horse stories to pass the time?

  28. You are the goat bro every year I wait for a new release like its a marvel movie keep up the good work

  29. Take all the time in the world, don’t let people who are getting this for free anyways talk your emotions down

  30. I was about to subscribe, but you’re a fucking lier, now I’ll wait for the public release…
    The problem isn’t the time, the problem is your fking lies, I prophet this, you ever do the fking same btch

    • What’s the excuse after 3 days this time? One more day? 48 hours? Uploading takes a while? After release 1 I assume it’s going to be the “uhh audio wasn’t done again sorri :)” and then “editing ni audio, only 1 week” four times

  31. Did you know? #8 The BTQ series is based on what actually happened between Animo’s wife and his mother-in-law

  32. Yeah it’s taking some time and people can be upset, but only people who pay/support for the work he produces
    If you just wait for the free release you got no right to complain about how long it takes

  33. Reading the comments I understand why there is not much of a videos like animo’s in the web. So much crybabies can’t wait 3 days more. Finally you may manage to make him quit bc you don’t deserve any of this content

  34. Everyone blames each other for being a faggot. like wanting horse in their arse and such.. am I the only one who actually enjoy watching ladies just fucked by a goddamn lucky horse?

    • I wont pretend to know why I like it. Maybe I envision myself as a horse with a big dick? IDK
      The 1st person interrogator parts are kinda meh for me, but I highly suspect a large supporter or someone connected to the project is a female or a sissy male.
      Well whatever, still quality stuff.

      The flaming in the comments is just extra entertainment while I wait for free shit

  35. Этот чипушило доит своих додиков как чертов бог.

    • Держу пари, ты не заплатил ему ни пенни, ты разорил коммуниста, так что заткнись на хрен и жди своего торрента, и будь осторожен, чтобы не оторвать свой член, когда будешь дрочить на него

  36. I’ll be president this summer by the time this comes out.
    Election voting fraud 101

  37. lol animo you neee to just drop it bro these poor bastards are starting to become emotional like a female on her cycle.all over 3D horse dick lmfao you sensitive fucks

  38. Hey, it’s me, Animo the black Russian faggot.
    Actually, I was too busy railing my mom’s cunt that I forgot to render the video.
    I had to call my boyfriends to use their dicks as substitute so I can spare myself some time to continue the rendering process.
    Sorry guys, it’s gonna be quick, I promise to release the video before 2022.

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