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  1. *yawn* same old thing… wish you’d wrap this animation up. It’s approaching 2 hours and has become tedious to view. I’ve had to run it through Final Cut and make a version with just the scenes I care about.

    Lara with Horse 3 would be a lot cooler, stop being a perfectionist about rendering every skin flake on the horse’s penis…

    • Go make your own animations, then, if it’s so easy. What’s boring is the same fucking useless crybaby bitching every time an update is released. You people need a life lmao

        • Yet, here you are. Nice comeback, really loved up to all our expectations of you lmao

          • Lmao another ‘yet here you are’ reply. Very original dipshit

          • All you do is repeat what other people say lmao can’t even talk about originality

            Fuck off, gay boy, take the L like you take the D lol

      • it’s not even bitching, it’s actual criticism. and noone’s talking about the animation being easy, don’t know where you got that one from. imagine a world without complaint… a world where nothing would improve cause the creator thinks it’s perfect since noone’s saying anything bad about it. grow up

    • Agreed, I kinda assumed BTQ would end after 3. When he said he was working on 4 I was like “oh, uh…okay cool I guess”. Then he says he’s working on yet another part. There isn’t much more you can do in this scenario.

      I’m really keen on seeing the game though. Kinda thought that would be the next main focus after BTQ 4.

  2. Great work!
    Hope after all the normal episodes, you make fetishes like farts and queefs. it’ll be more then complete, because there would be still more people satisfyed with that brilliant work.
    Keep going. you rock!

  3. Admin remember the most important thing apart from your excellent animation quality is that you specify to the girl with the voices that she screams of pain and displeasure. That is what it took, because you really think that a woman is only going to moan with such a penis? Not! A screaming woman!

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  4. Since they’re both getting into it, hope you can Quiet and the Interrogater to make out a little. Also great work, looking good!

  5. I hope the two girls just end up sharing brutus, and they have sex with each other, too.

  6. Glad we’re finally getting some consensual anal from both girls. Lara enjoying it was why people loved Lara With Horse 1/2! Good shit, Animo. People will cry, complain, bitch, and throw a tantrum no matter what you do. Fuck em. Some faggot will reply to this comment:

  7. for your next project can you please make gwen tennyson from Ben 10 please it’s just a fantasy thank you

  8. Question is!Is it so hard to see something new in this fuckking fuck… pathetic…4 eps the same thing anal and big fuckking horse dick ? what is your intention,… fuck that shit, rather go to see something new… Web is without limit…. fuck your vision…no heart fillings

  9. this isnt a sex scene. this is gay. why is it always this anal gay shit?
    make vaginal/cervix prolapse instead. these are girls, after all.

    • anal is about power, domination and degradation, not about beeing secretly gay.

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        • So then blowjobs, handjobs, jerking off, foot jobs, and basically everything else is gay? No wonder your bedroom is dead

          • Nah nigga. With a blowjob and handjob you see the girls face. But with anal u only see the ass which looks like a male ass. So….might as well be fucking a man and you never know it. LMAO. i bet you fuck trannies in the ass and love it

          • So doggystyle is gay then.

            You have issues, bro, sorry you’re too insecure to fuck a girl.

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        • You are undeniably a little gay if you watch this. It features a massive horse cock, and that’s one of the main reasons you’re here. If you don’t care about cock, there’s billions of other options out there for you to jack off to, and you wouldn’t be here.

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      • not liking gay sex = means youre gay?

        what logic is that? are you part of antifa?

        • It doesn’t necessarily means that u are gay. But chances are high that u are homophobic.

          • you are 100% right about the second part. i dislike gays ( and therefore lesbians)

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          Insecure faggot detected.

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    • Yeah but it’s boring as fucking hell, been running for like two years almost and only has five short clips. People think Animo is scamming? Wildeer is absolutely running a racket. Lazy retard.


  11. how are the bodies positioned? I can’t make sense of that nipple in the second pic

  12. I’d like to see how one of them gets completely filled with cum by ass, spewing it into the other one’s mouth, filling her belly as well and everything being stopped from leaking by a huge plug in second girl’s ass.

    • Yeah and then the girls get too full and the bellies explode and the blood and guts fly everywhere and you can see the organs of the girls and the bones and brutus is still fuking and cumming. HELL YA!

  13. Hey guys! Just found out this won’t be coming out until January 2021. You know, the usual “rendering” issues that happen with EVERY release. Also, this time I won’t be lazy. I’ll actually release the COMPLETE version to my shil-!! PAID supporters first. Then I’ll wait two to three weeks before public release after telling them just one. I’ll use the same try-and-true method of “rendering” and audio issues.

    • And, as predicted, you’ll be coming back every post and crying like the little bitch you are lmao

      • And as predicted you will be here everyday to check on posts and cry like a little bitch about someone else crying. OH SNAP

      • >imagine degrading yourself into shilling for a complete stranger whom which you do not even support anonymously in the hopes you get a (you)
        congrats. that being said, you must be new here and are unaware of the EXACT same release tactics used for each and every episode since laraXhorse ep 2

  14. Ass to mouth scene? More interaction between girl. Only my suggestion. Amazing work

  15. fixation bondage so she cannot move at all then smooth anal lunges with the ring deep inside. Her gagging because dick comes almost out.
    Check out some other 3D makers. They have awesome reality! You have your style but could improve! Quite good so far!

  16. This is Wirek’s dad. Sadly, Wirek and Al were in a tragic dildozer accident this week and will likely not recover. I will post updates as I can. Thank you and God Bless The Queen.

    • Shit…they got rammed by the dildozer? Their assholes must have looked like a big ass tunnel

  17. I would devote more time to work, it would be better. A one year to make a video for 30 minutes…

  18. I hope Quiet uses the strapon and fucks the Interrogator over the table and it would be good if Brutus fucks Quiet’s ass at the same time

  19. Nice work so far, here are some suggestions :
    Since it’s come this far, naturally it has been getting a little boring with the same concept. So, you gotta keep people intrigued. The dialogues are what makes this series stand out, you need to introduce more pain and manhandling. E. G Toss them around, slap them, basically more violence and screams and trash talking. This will bring it to another level, goodluck

    • Ya throw the girls around and have them smash their skulls and the spine gets bent and rip them open for all the guts everywhere and brutus can cum on it

      • Not sure if youre kidding but I think thats mortal kombat…. wait… thats a great idea for a new series

  20. You are amazing, but I wish that you make pussy and anus more pink not red as you always do. Thanks

  21. gwen tennyson from Ben 10 is one thing, maybe you can do the hulk and black widow Too or maybe kinzie kensington from the saints row games. can’t wait 🥰

  22. I want brutus to use the girls like a fleshlight. And cum so hard it comes out from the mouth

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