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    • If that’s what it is, then I’m pleasantly surprised Animo is giving it a try for this animation.

    • I agree hope she give him a good rimjob. Hope to see the interrogator gives him as well

    • love quite rimming the lucky stallion too.. hope we gonna see her deep and kinky inside that beast anus..

    • Gotta say, REALLY hope it’s not a focus on this part. With Quiet, I don’t get grossed out seeing as she literally doesn’t shit ever, so her ass is “clean” at all times, but a horses ass is always gonna be filthy and caked with shit. It’s disgusting and if it gets put in, even if no scat is shown, I won’t be able to just pretend like that’s not what would happen. PLEASE don’t cross the scat border, man. I have loved this so far and i’d hate to see it ruined at the most interesting part by sudden literal horse shit.

      • lol you were okay with all the other absurdly unrealistic stuff, but clean horse buttholes? No way, José!

        I’ll go ahead and ruin all of these videos for you: every girl in them would be dead, like, 10 times over at this point.

      • Well, you can always cut that rimming/shit losslessly out of the 4th part with “FFmpeg” command tool and join the remaining sweet chunks (still losslessly) together again but yeah… It won’t be the same and it will be hard to pretend that it wasn’t there at the first place. And it makes me sad too.

  1. Quiet is rimming him lol yep she is officially broken what’s next? Take turns with Brutus?

    • Man, I hope so, both of them fucking consensually is something we never see in porn like this. There’s too much rape shit, which can be fun but c’mon dudes.

  2. Pretty smart of him to add horse rimming in tbh, people will seriously pay a lot of money to see nasty shit like that lol (No offense to anyone that’s into that just not my thing personally)

    • I hope part 4 doesn’t linger on the rimming. It’s just too far for me. Horses don’t get enemas, and unlike Quiet horses shit. A lot. Nature won’t un-crust that horse anus, and I don’t want to have my porn suddenly ruined by scat.

      • Sure, with an all the all tge way through for lara we can just accept the fantasy and ignore the fact that that would kill her. But a clean horse ass is too far of a stretch of the imagination. Smh…who knows how the interrogator prepped that horse. Maybe she gave him an enema. Happy?

    • It’s actually incredibly stupid. It will appeal to like 2% of the audience at best, and probably completely ruin the video for the remaining 98%. Most of us don’t like shit in our porn, and don’t try and tell me Brutus would have a clean asshole, he’s a HORSE! Horses don’t get enemas! Quiet has a biological reason she never shits, so I can suspend my disbelief that she’d be “clean,” but a horse will NEVER be clean enough to rim without eating literal horseshit. Please don’t ruin this series for us, Animo. Keep the scat out of BTQ…

      • Dude, even if only 2% of the audience is into it, I guarantee only 1% has these very specific hang-ups you have about it.

      • I’ll just repeat myself…
        Well, you can always cut that rimming/shit losslessly out of the 4th part with “FFmpeg” command tool and join the remaining sweet chunks (still losslessly) together again but yeah… It won’t be the same and it will be hard to pretend that it wasn’t there at the first place. And it makes me sad too.

  3. Quiet looks like she wants that dick in her mouth, look at that look she’s giving lol

  4. Please have a POV of the interrogator rimming Brutus and then he starts to shit all on her face and in her mouth and Quiet makes her eat the shit that would be amazing

  5. Oh my god noooo!! Horse ass licking??!! Its like shitting or vomiting or other filthy things, this is not exciting and sexy omg! This is disgusting!!! Like pansy fucking Futa and other gay things. Licking girl’s anus its ok.. but licking man’s ass? Are you gays or what? Licking girl’s vagina or anus by animal is ok, but licking animal’s ass its really filthy abomination this is not like sucking horce dick this is awful extreme for vomiting! Nex time Animu u can create geronto FutaGay scat vomiting porn if u like this filthy!

    • Exactly animo. You had to destroy Lara with Horse with awful FARTS sounds and now this anus licking of horse filthy shits? Are you serious?

    • Well, I agree. I’m still not sure (since still images may be very misleading) but If it is really so (rimming Brutus’s anus), then I start losslessly cutting and joining better parts of it with FFmpeg just to get rid of the nasty shit like that.

      • If it comes to that, I and many others would be very grateful if you share the results of the splicing. It’d be a godsend some of us would even pay for if you twisted our arms about it. Hopefully you wouldn’t do that though, I mean charging for an edit of someone else’s free work would be pretty shitty.

        • Yeah, I thought about it and it would be quite easy solution for everyone but really shitty is my upload bandwidth. I might post the final commands to do the job when I really get to it but I guess it’s not going to be neat and clean or too easy and trivial to apply for everyone interested. Although I’ve already done that some time ago and I know it is possible. Maybe there are other much easier to use tools on the internet to do just that on your own but I don’t know any of them.
          I’ve never considered to take money for this especially as “FFmpeg” is a kind of freeware and AnimoPron makes their creations available to the public for free. But thanks for your metaphor with twisting arms anyway, heheh.

  6. amazing!! hopefully we’ll have a ATWT (from mouth to ass this time)… then i think we’ve covered everything that was missing from LWH

  7. just how many people out there are actually eating they’re own shit. who ever you are make a video you eating your shit on pornhub I will fucking watch it man. I like seeing cock suckers like you going on your shit. im there to watch you embarrass your selfs. you want to play it like that then show me dont fucking talk the talk but cant walk the walk

      • are you the one going to show me your video of you eating your own shit? you wanna go little boy .

        • Dude, aren’t you like 14? You shouldn’t even be on this site you big dumb bitch

          • They’re just an angry, pent-up middle eastern guy, you can tell by their sentence structure and the swears they use.

          • horse fuck you??? damn coming from some one whos enjoying animopron more then me. damn you clever. clever stupid that is. some one enjoy seeing scat and crazy shit more then me. holy shit bitch you crazy ass fucked boy

      • I don’t agree since I’m not into coprophilia at all but that comment was actually very funny so kudos from me just for that.

        • BTW… I’m definitely not a “Wire kaka/caca” or anything like that, heheh.

          • Please, cross the scat border!!
            Forcing to rimm a shitty horse ass is will put it on a new level!
            I will love it

  8. The rimming part is the only part so far that has made me gag… fucking nasty.

  9. I would love to see Quiet’s head trapped in Brutus ass, making him gallop around dragging the girl after him, leaving her bruised and bleeding.

    • LOL okay I kind of want to see that now, too. Maybe that should be the ending, but Quiet shoves the interrogator’s head in there instead.

    • Just reading the comment section makes me want to throw up…. seriously why would you comment something like this?? Fcking cringe AND nasty…

      • that sound is a masterpiece bro . just search bird by trashman and you will find out

  10. how ’bout some accidents waiting to happen?
    after the horse cummed, Quiet will I dunno interogate or something? and hurt her then the horse gets aroused again pushing the two girls together locked in placed then the horse cocked inserts through Quiet rendering them disabled/locked in the position waiting ’til the horse stops🤣

  11. I just want to point out that just because someone likes rimming, even fictional beast rimming, doesn’t mean they like scat. In fact scat really grosses me out so I hope Animo doesn’t add that (not trying to kink shame anyone, just really not my thing).

    • I just can’t suspend my disbelief hard enough to assume the horse has a clean enough asshole to rim without eating shit.

      • I find it pretty easy to do actually, since nothing in this animation is all that realistic or logical if you think about it. With that said, would It really be that hard to believe that the interrogator simply hosed brutus down or something at some point before capturing quiet?

        • Yeah, right… Well, not everyone has imagination as flexible as yours. I would rather try to convince myself that Quiet is caressing Brutus’s stem/trunk part of his shaft just above the scrotum right at the base of the penis (the bulb?). I’m not that good in anatomy but I hope it helps anyone out there who’s not into rimming or other shit like that.

          • I like how you need a really good imagination to NOT imagine extra shit that isn’t being depicted at all.



      • I wouldn’t mind seeing that honestly, I mean you’d think quiet would want to punish brutus a bit too

  14. Please Animo tell us about how many % is the 4th parth finished? ☺
    We are so exited about this.

  15. i love your magic 3D Vids!! it best 3D animation. i hope you get dt facefu…. too new vid to.

  16. Looks like it’s time 4 deepthroat. Imagine this gigantic cock going all the way through pushing poop out of the bitch’s ahole,maybe even in xray. That would be sexy af.

  17. Should make it so quiet is laying ontop of the interrogator and brutas Slams his tip between both their tits constantly

    • A sandwich-like titjob? OK. Well, then I would turn both girls around to 69 position – the Interrogator on her back facing Brutus’s balls and Quiet on her belly licking Interrogator’s pussy out while Brutus pumping his shaft between their tits.

  18. Rimming? Yeah, I’m done. Idk what possessed you to make this but I came here for horse fucking, not shit eating.

    • Rimming doesn’t inherently equal scat, I’d expect people to know this by now.

      • Horses WILL have shitty asses. Quiet’s is clear because she doesn’t eat solid food, so therefore she produces no solid waste.

        • I love how your trying to apply logic to an animation that depicts a woman taking a full length horse cock in her body full speed and not dying or at least being injured. But if you care that much just pretend the interrogator gave brutas a enema before all this.

        • I like that that’s the excuse you have to keep using for Quiet. As though the current generations don’t eat ass like it’s the fountain of youth anyways.

    • Oh man, is there a site for out of context porn comments? Because this silly shit belongs there.

  19. Rimming the horse ! Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it… Hopefully we gonna see that tongue reaching Brutus prostate… Oh man you just make me addicted.. you the best. Those amazing fantasies can be true only in a 3d animation.. and the quality/rendering of it is just sublime amazing porn cinematic.. unique artist.. Animo for president

  20. If we HAVE to have rimming, (which I’d really prefer not to see done on a horse, seeing as there is no way a horse’s ass isn’t caked with at best dried shit) I really, really hope Animo doesn’t put any scat scenes in. I’d hate for part 4 to be ruined by literal horse shit when parts 1-3 were so good. At least Quiet’s ass is guaranteed to be spotless since she doesn’t eat, and therefore never shits. I hope the rimming scene, if that is indeed what we’re seeing here, isn’t focused on too much, and is just that one scene. It’s just a little too gross for 90% of us here. Sorry, poop fetishists, there’s plenty out there for you, don’t ruin our stuff.

    • Or you know, you could just pretend the horses ass is spotless, like Animo is probably doing.

    • Yes, I agree. Stop that crap.
      I would rather try to convince myself that Quiet is caressing Brutus’s stem/trunk part of his shaft just above the scrotum right at the base of the penis (the bulb?). I’m not that good in anatomy but I hope it helps anyone out there who’s not into rimming or other shit like that. Although I guess I could stand the rimming of one of the girls’ anuses but definitely not a horse’s one.
      Otherwise I would just start losslessly cutting and joining better/sweeter parts of it with “FFmpeg” just to get rid of the nasty shit like that.

  21. Quiet put her head in ass of Brutus, wtf? You’re really want it? Ahaahahaha bol’nye ubl’udky

  22. Wow! This rimming scene is amazing.
    Please! Let the integrator forced to lick this shitty asshole too!
    If there are to many pussys, please make 2 versions. One normal, without scat an one dirty version!
    Will love it!

    • Well, you can count me as a pussy since I definitely prefer a version without all that crap. Then I wouldn’t mind if there was also a shitty version for some of those crazy coprophilia fetishists, actually.

  23. horse asses aren’t always dirty and full of poop, that’s what most people think, but it’s not the reality. There are some hardcore videos where guys are fucking horse asses, and their cocks are almost completely clean after pulling out. I would love to see a hot stallion rimming scene in part 4.

  24. You should make this POV! Also please have the horse shit all over Quiet. The room doesn’t have to be filled with shit, but maybe partially filled would be nice? You can end this shit movie with the two of them eating their way out.

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