Update on BTQ

Few days ago, i set the first part of BTQ4 on full draft render. So i was mostly finalizing some things in there.
Gonna post something nice here, right before the New Year!

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  1. Can we see Quiet fuck the Interrogator with the strapon? She should show her how to really fuck lol

  2. i’ve been waiting for a hot minute for part 4, would love to have it released soon!

  3. I have great idea!

    Interrogator uterus prolapses when brutus pulls out his dick. Make him struggle to pull out because his dick is stuck in her uterus. She is having crazy orgasm and her pussy/uterus is clenching on his dick. When he is free, her uterus starts shooting cum everywhere like crazy. Then Quite fists/fucks her pussy back to normal for more fucking. I know its not original, its usual thing in hentai and hmanga. The Interrogator deserves it.

  4. We need with a horse (or 2):

    Shuri (Black Panther’s sister)
    Captain Marvel (pregnant by a horse and tortured because of her attitude)
    Elastic Girl
    Harley Quinn
    Black Widow
    Wonder Woman
    Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
    Power Girl
    Yorha 2B (Nier: Automata)
    Claire (Resident Evil 2)
    Chun Li
    Jessica Rabbit

  5. If this is gonna be split into 2 parts then have Part 1 all about Brutus fucking her and have Part 2 all about Quiet fucking her.

    Quiet should do everything. Be very dominant, spanking, hardcore doggy and missionary with the strapon, hair pulling just every to show the Interrogator she fucked the wrong woman and know she is being shown how to fuck properly.

    Once Quiet’s had her way with her she should french kiss the interrogator the smile down at her and suddenly have her eye markings appear and quickly strangle the interrogator until she passes out. THE END, Perfect Revenge

  6. What a bunch of moron how is it any different have quiet fuck her with a strapon fucking retards piece of cock sucking shit. seriously I hate retards. what you should be asking for is end the quiet episode already its been going on to long. hate having to see futa with bitch already. when is this futa fetish shit going to end. making another bitch with dick doesn’t change anything. but still its getting paranoid. every site I visit its mostly futa bullshit

    • Agreed. I cant even get a fucking boner with this piece of crap they call it strapon. I dont fucking understand how you can enjoy shits like futa and girls with dildo!!

    • Yey, I hate them, too. Because futa-retrads think, they would not be gay, when they enjoy girls with dicks. (But they are, and the bad thing on it is, that they lie themselfs).

      I enjoy gay stuff, its better than futa.
      And I enjoy non-gay stuff, its better than futa.
      Futa is shit.

      Pls, Animo, make more non-con horse/monster pron.

      • well if you don’t like male body (like most males do)
        but you like lesbian porn (like most males do [biggest fetish i believe])
        and again you don’t like strap on cuz meh it’s just a piece of plastic
        then futa is the way to go

          • So what? Nobody cares really…
            Others might prefer futanari much more than (male) gay porn. Although I do agree that futanari isn’t welcomed in this particular series, sex-toys already present in previous parts are OK in my opinion. If more dicks are needed, then I would rather see more horses in action (gang bang with multiple penetrations). But that’s just me, who cares anyway…

  7. The next post he said he was gonna give us before New Year I bet it will be a face reveal of the interrogator

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