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  1. i love it. but it doesnt make sense tho. how is she holding the cum inside her womb? shouldnt her pussy be super loose and gaping? or is it plugged by something?

    • Maybe Quiet will force the interrogator’s face into her tits causing her to suffocate until she almost passes out

  2. faceless manikin and pussy action…. whats wrong with you animo? we need a character with a freaking face and pure anal action like previous movies, this movie is a downgrade

  3. That’s so hot!! Kept the cum right in there, and then add more with the next cumshot. Make that belly grow!! ♥,♥

    • must say that’s precisely what i’d love to see too, the moment lara get creampied twice in a row was super hot,
      would be fun to see the interogator get both her pussy, ass and stomach filled up while she’s forced to hold every previous loads.

  4. You do great work but with the money you get each month you should be able to do more than one video a year. Other creators do just as good or better work and do multiple videos a year. It take you a entire year to do a 20 min video, that is why I cancel my patreon a long time ago. I check back here eery few months and still see hardly any progess. I guarantee that this video will not be out till next Christmas at the earliest.

  5. Since this isn’t unrealistic, get her pregnant… Maybe an alternate ending

    • Would work if he/she did futa. I honestly hate the horse stuff, but it would be even worse if it were a male. The sex is good but its really wasted on the horse doing everything. When the faceless chick did quiet with that strap on in the ass and then raped her throat. I swear that was by far the best I’ve ever seen with a fake cock. Futa dont even come close to how brutal that strap n rape was. But if it were futa that would of made the scene a hell of a lot better.

  6. Nice I noticed her boots her off too lol also will Quiet be fucking her with the strapon? Hardcore Missionary or doggystyle

  7. лучше бы 1 пробка в анала и 1 пробка в вагину все вставлять и закрыть и пусть животик остается спермы а нужно добавить кончить во рта а потом сами выпухлость от анала и вагину.

  8. I have great idea!

    Interrogator uterus prolapses when brutus pulls out his dick. Make him struggle to pull out because his dick is stuck in her uterus. She is having crazy orgasm and her pussy/uterus is clenching on his dick. When he is free, her uterus starts shooting cum everywhere like crazy. Then Quite fists/fucks her pussy back to normal for more fucking. I know its not original, its usual thing in hentai and hmanga. The Interrogator deserves it.

  9. I pray Quiet has some personal fun with that ass, show her how to really fuck

  10. “Gonna start posting previews more often now” – sooo….. like once a month or something like that?

    • Probably the same as normal or longer before post they need to milk that cash flow

    • Hahaha lol I was going to make the same comment but you were faster haha but seriously he did sad that he will post more often fucking lair

  11. I like the way she moves, so sensual… and apparently she’s starting to love the new experience. Now that’s some romance story I like.

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