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  1. Well…that’s got to be a little dry and scratchy. Get a glass of water on stand-by.

  2. I can see the trend, grab a baddy from a random horror movie, render a penis between its legs and make a rape scene. Can we get a scene of zombie raping a woman who then starts to vomit from ptomaine poisoning? That would be the new level of hot beast porn!

  3. >marked safe from believing thousands support this monetarily
    sorry wirek, your handler really is exposing himself more and more with each post
    no wonder he hid his subs count and has resorted to posting (once again) rehashed previews using the exact filter and font he used back in 2018
    really activates the ol’ almonds

      • >imagine being this naive
        go back to older posts on this very blog
        go find anons that’ve leaked his stuff over the years
        that Lara model is at least 5 years old and was used in Lara Horse
        also the effects filter and orange font is exactly what he used back 5 years ago with previews to members

        Look I get it. You’re what, 18, 20? Finally branching into the internet. Nothing is fake. No one lies. No one can tell you anything. It’s cool. We all went through it. Only the strongest get through it.

  4. Post title: Some info
    Post caption : New info will be posted

    • His supporters actually think this is coming soon
      Little do they know he’s been at this side project for at least 5 years and it’s been purely a stepping stone that entire time. Even his backers have called out his laziness to using dated assets.

      What’s most damning is the amount of people that willing give him money to produce hype rather than product

      • Maybe you should consider cancelling your sub? Oh right, you don;t pay for anything, but come and bitch about every post made, all while jerking off to his free horse porn. Move along Karen, this sad little violin you play is sounding way out of tune.

        • Imagine thinking someone must pay to have an opinion on something.

          By that logic, you can not dislike anything and have no opinion on anything you do not buy.

          • oh not this shit again. the liberal socialist mentality where i must like every thing while at the same time disliking nothing and if i speak against anything, im an -ist-ta-phob. fuck off mate. you defending a guy that poorly makes horse porn

          • Sorry sally, you can here to piss and moan about his supporters. Which unless you are on, no you have no opinion that is in any way shape or form taken seriously, because if you don;t put up, then shut up. You cannot complain the free food you get is not the brand you like. It is FREE, don;t like it, don’t consume it. But I know that is hard for small minds to understand.

  5. another post about a future post about posting a post about a post… maybe

  6. Why you abbandoned body bulging details?… it was so accurate in LWH and the first three BTQ

  7. Well, I’m just waiting for my retarded sister Lily (who is present here as fake Wirek) who has serious problems in special school for children with cognitive disabilities.
    Lily loves horseplay to impersonate me and she loves to suck my cock after that as an apology, but she gets evil when no-one wants to fuck her pussy or even to touch it.

    • imagine being on your death bed knowing that post was the high point of your life

      ( ►ó )

      your IQ rivals that of average room temperature and that includes your entry-level script via Linux to produce un-selectable text. that and 4chan called, unfortunately they said even they have disowned you. but by all means, carry on with your life… and the fact you still haven’t found the “secret” text hidden within my own post

      • Boohoo! …uh uh, uhuhuh… Cry me a river, loser.
        Wow, your mind is so bright… as Vantablack. You can stuff your ass with all your “secrets” just to make sure they’re safe.

        • Wow, your mind is so bright… as Vantablack. You can stuff your ass with all your “secrets” just to make sure they’re safe.

      • Is that you, Lily? My little sister? Wow! You’re always so eloquent… relative to your dramatically low IQ – just a single digit. I’m positively surprised you can put some letters together just into a few words.
        What’s the matter baby-girl? Are you suffering from your 1st PMS or ovulation period already, you poor impotent sissy? Just don’t spray with your bodily fluids all over the place when you climax while reading my comments and daydreaming of me like most of immature morons does in here.

        • Wow, your mind is so bright… as Vantablack. You can stuff your ass with all your “secrets” just to make sure they’re safe.

          • how is he fake wirek if the name says vyce you illerate dumb ass

          • @Anonymous 2022-10-12 at 03:54
            I know it’s an unrealistic expectation of your (single digit) IQ to understand, but…
            Learn to read with comprehension, you illiterate (not “illerate”!) dumb ass.

    • class=”wp-font-emots-emo-sunglasses
      and? you know scripts and how to put them into fields while blocking others from c/p

      and to ¯⁠\⁠(⁠°⁠_⁠o⁠)⁠/⁠¯
      2022-10-01 at 16:07
      i saw what you did there. wirek aint gonna be happy but then again, he does live here

      • wirek seems like the type of guy to get mad after using an VPN and all those “hot local singles in your area” ads no longer seem to wanna up with him. lets not forget who we’re dealing with though. let him enjoy his time in the sun and just point and laugh from the shade

        also nice job on the hidden text, shouldnt be too hard for others to figure it out. no apps or real skill needed. unless well, you’re “you-know-who”

        • honestly he seems to have lost the ability to have a normal conversation with someone unless it’s from behind a keyboard. a LARPer if you will but not a very good one, but it scratches his itch i guess. still some of his comments of the months ive been here have be mostly harmless to a down right cry for help. this latest one is the latter. guy hasnt touched grass in years let alone seen a light other than from a blub or monitor

          • I’m glad to see you both faggots forming a mutual adoration society. Now, kiss each other’s lips and slap each other’s butts just to make it complete.

  8. Y’all know this “game” is nothing more than a collection of 5-10 seconds looped gifs that will use your keyboard arrow keys/left-right mouse clicks to control progression, right?

    congrats, he made a hentai game from 2002

    • Yes. We know. We all know. We have all known since the dawn. Truth be told. We will not stop our support. We can not stop our support. We will defend him until the last bot has been blocked. We will shill until our last internet connection is severed. We are AP NPC. We are legion.

  9. Why do all mobs have a horse dick?.. It looks weird (especially the lizard). Are you going to fix this?

    • because he’s re-using assets from earlier animations. that lara model is nearly 6 years from lara horse days but he acts like it’s something new with every post. truth is this game hasnt changed much since he first started posting it back in 2018 when he spammed all the r34 video sites to promote himself. guys a snake oil salesmen with a very small, tight core of shillers that descend on any and all the moment someone reposts his own posts over the years
      (working on this full time) (ill post something soon/this weekend) (another “random” issue that happens with EVERY release to delay it) (reposting previews from months to years ago)

      im surprised no one mentioned that most all the previews since june on the blog have all been given to members over during the btq series which is why that took forever

  10. Uh huh, I’ll come back for my weekly check-in next week. See if anything is actually ready.

    • that is only good if people post content. like take APs page. nothing updated since jan 2021. but in that time btq 5 and the bonuses have been released. and with just 2000 something subs their, not one even cares to post his shit anymore. well, i guess it doesnt help AP himself posts his own shit for free on the same day as “subs” get thier videos. amazing how many people just blindly waste money

      still their are plenty of other creators that will make you forget all about this place

  11. >4123
    holy fuk he’s lost over half his subs on subscribestar since he finsihed btq5 last year
    no wonder he’s going all in on this game now though even that cant get people back into the bag

    • nobody cares kid. nobody pays for porn 2022 even with their mums credit card. this isnt 2002. go to that bloody kemono site that bugger posted above. find yourself a real artist and move on from this cesspool will ya

        • only thing legit here is hype and delays and wirek-like shills running point for their boy

          • Don’t forget about retarded immature little pricks hating this and that on the internet just because they’re growing their first pubic hairs right after their balls eventually went down from their bellies to the scrota – just like yourself and your own ones.

      • Pictographs

        Pictographs Codes
        smile sad wink razz
        devil shock cool beer
        grin angry mad saint
        cry shoot squint lol

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          • Such a creative comment. If you had invested as much effort in rocket science, you would have outdone Elon Musk y now.

            Does Animo pay you to keep the comment section alive?

          • @Anonymous 2022-10-06 at 22:20
            I’ve already been there and done that (outdone Elon Musk) – I’ll see you on the dark side of the Moon.

          • I give up, you are totally hopeless. At least ask your mom to commit you to a good mental institution so you won’t harm yourself or the others

          • @Anonymous 2022-10-07 at 19:17
            Thanks for your precious advice, you disgusting coprophilia fetishist. You must know how it is to be a patient locked in a psychiatric hospital.

          • […document.querySelectorAll(“.js-noMenu”)].forEach( el =>
            el.addEventListener(‘contextmenu’, e => e.preventDefault())

            Right click me!
            You can contextmenu me!
            You cannot here

  13. Legend has it that many 25-to-Life murder sentences are fully served between AP releases.

    Keep up the good work.

    • It’s not a surprise to anybody that fake Wirek does so indeed.
      But wait a minute… that’s you! You are fake Wirek now hiding behind Vyce a.k.a. VICE™ nickname (what a “creative original”) just like a dull-witted coward. It makes so much sense in you being so self-critical.
      My retarded sister Lily (who is most often present here as fake Wirek) loves horseplay to impersonate me (or just brainlessly copy-paste my style) and she loves to suck my cock after that as an apology, but she gets evil when no-one wants to fuck her pussy or even to touch it.

        • You’re just a sissy, a copycat with a terribly low (single digit) IQ, my dear retarded sister Lily.

          • @VICE™️ 2022-10-15 at 04:25
            There’s no substantive arguments in your comment, just shallow and childish hate – typical for terribly low (single digit) IQs.
            You’re just a sissy, a copycat, a coward hiding behind various nicknames to pretend a crowd, but you’re so terribly stupid that you don’t even see how obvious it is to those with IQs two orders of magnitude higher than your own, fake Wirek.
            C’mon sis, just say that you’re sorry and then suck my dick as usual – we all know you love it after that horseplay of yours.

      • Wow, your mind is so bright… as Vantablack. You can stuff your ass with all your “secrets” just to make sure they’re safe.

  14. Animo, is the quality of your videos so shitty, because you don’t get paid for this shit anymore? Start getting fucked, then… Maybe you will earn more that way…

  15. We’re not getting anything decent from this author anymore, because obviously he made so much money from BTQ series that now he can really afford to post random dull crappy gif once a fortnight.

  16. >so it’s come to this
    imagine commissioning out your own “game and related media” (stolen assets in their own right) to other creators but you demand to be the sole author and NOT acknowledge others PAID help

    hiding behind a pseudo-name or some burner account doesn’t work bro
    not to many people do this kinda fetish let alone with this much baggage
    it took all of five minutes and a forum to track this blog down
    keep your fucking commission and actually do something ON YOUR OWN!

    • Perhaps it is time you did something on your own, like seeking help from a mental health professional or a speech technician.

  17. And so, it’s been over two weeks with no update. Has Animo been mobilized to the RuAF or AFU? Did he burst his guts during a horse sex session? Did he just stop giving a shit and go away with the subs’ money? The only think we will ever know is whether he will make it to three weeks with no updates and this very soon.

  18. hey guys its me your boi goonfap69 can anyone link the discord for the alternative fart edits

  19. Wirek seems like the kind of guy that you see in those police impersonation videos,a real jeremy dewitte if I may so

    • lmfao he could definitely pass as a dewitte brother for sure,mental health issues,thinks he runs the comment section as if he works for animo himself

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