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    • One thing I can make of it is that Animo came full circle showcasing a minotaur he first posted so many months ago nobody would remember when exactly. The other is that with enough money earned and fanbase gathered you can post less fapable content less frequently and give zero fucks about that.

    • What exactly do you expect about BTQ content yet to be released?
      As far as I know everything that has been announced was also already released – all 5 BTQ parts (in the “MY RELEASED VIDEOS” section) and all bonus videos (in the NEWS section on the start page) too.

  1. Now we all know everything fuck everything and cum inside deep etc but why no videos out? Shame 🙄 person, serious…..

  2. This place is no more fun neither for jacking off nor for shitposting. Fuck you, Animo.

    • It’s very simple, really – the overwhelming majority of immature tiny-dicked butt-heads got back to school.
      I’m quite surprised you didn’t realise that right away.

  3. I’m really excited for this game. I appreciate your efforts, specially when you have this amount of mfs who thinks it’s just as simples as eat apples. Well done Animo, hoping this one having x-ray and interactive stuff.

  4. Ever consider an animation/game enemy with a canine penis? I think knotfucking would be a hot new form of hole-abuse.
    Also, vaginal x-ray would be hot.

    • Yeah, also x-ray pregnancy and beastbirth ending up with a baby raptor ripping the girl crotch from outside

    • Don’t be so self-critical (in your 1st sentence).
      If you weren’t so terribly blind and prudish, you would definitely notice that there are males (with dicks) and females (with pussies) in the few last GIFs published here and there so it’s not gay stuff at all, and only 1 character is of homo sapiens species in the GIFs.
      According to your ill-logic: You must be a gay if you’ve ever touched any dick (including your own one).
      I obviously assume you have got a dick even if it’s tiny, soft and useless.

      • Wireck being smarty pants on a horse porn site. Do your classmates bully you for the Piggy spectacles?

  5. >when you boast about a format used in hentai games circa early 2000s using 2020s tech
    congrats! youve made a batch of looped mp4s governed by users clicking a re/progression arrow to move about the scene

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