New GIF with the Raptor enemy

Check out this new GIF with the last enemy. All enemy models are done right now, now i just need to make few more animations for them.
You can support the development on my subscribestar.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me but i think i’d just prefer more cool animated movies like the ones with Lara and Quiet.

  2. please let this have loud Velociraptor mating sounds along with squelching ass reaming audio. Keep at it king, you the goat.

  3. The skeletons looked awkward, but this looks just plain ridiculous. Reminds me of schoolboys drawing dicks in their biology books. I think the only supporters you have left on substar are the ones that forgot to cancel the subscription.

    • And tell me how realistic the horse was. It was easily 1.5 times larger than a real horse. But I agree on you with the supporters.

  4. So, the only succesful project of your life, animopussy, will be the horse! Well done, loser!

  5. This looks old, why are you recycling old content as new from the game you have been working on for over 10 years. Just milking that money huh. You give content creators a bad name.

  6. quick question, what are you even going to do in this game? Does it have a story, what is it about? Who (or what) do you fight?

    • You don’t, you just walk around and get a dick in your ass. But making something like that with a game engine instead of just rendered animation takes much more time allowing for more cash drain. That is what animo is all about.

  7. “…
    Ich habe keine Lust mich nicht zu hassen.
    Hab’ keine Lust mich anzufassen.
    Ich hätte Lust zu onanieren.
    Hab’ keine Lust es zu probieren.
    Ich hätte Lust mich auszuziehen.
    Hab keine Lust mich nackt zu sehen.
    Ich hätte Lust mit großen Tieren.
    Hab keine Lust es zu riskieren.
    Rammstein – “Keine Lust”

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