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  1. Hello Animo,
    Just wanted to say, a truly awesome thing!
    Really looking forward to the sound version.
    Just, out of constructive criticism,
    Wished to point out 2 things:
    1. When Brutus finishes inside her, even if only a little, it isn’t shown in the X-ray.
    2. After everything’s done, when Brutus pulls out, Although I see you reused the scene from the original one, though don’t you think that the interrogator’s reaction is really toned down? As it’d be better if she was wincing or moaning more and stuff, as at that point of the video, she’s still a butt virgin.

  2. i just love your videos going to play role play after the big quiet on my school in the media production class. is it possible to get kostume design for my photoshoot and movie shoot. i love all your work please dont ever stop making this wonderfull videos. can i have your videos on my website please. have an idea of a belly riding movie . i am making a strapon saddle for horse belly riding with auto lift. so i can try making the last part of nr 5. want to have my girl frend ride me shee is poolice rider and goes at my school. love to have a photoseries of this. love your work. realy bwant to make the costumes for my selfe and my gf

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