Update on BTQ

I almost finished the cumshot scene, now it’s just the solo-animation for ending.
I expect to finish animation-work in the end of this month.
Then i will start posting rendering results here.

As usual – i made more scenes, that i planned initially, but those are really good – i love how the ending is shaping up. It’s very important to make it look good, cause it’s the end of the whole series.

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  1. definitely he say the same did you remember las mounth whe he said that he expect finish last mounth?

  2. Going off previous works I’m assuming we can hope to see this released around mid-May. Hope it turns out great

    • Nah man, he’ll drag the rendering out for 3-4 months. Gotta make sure the 20k+ usd he gets from subscribestar dont require any work

        • Honestly, anyone with more than a couple braincells would do the same… he’s making serious money off of people and I doubt most of them even realize that.

      • Why wouldn’t he do that? Its free money. I would do the same. He just benefits from stupid people who actually subscribe. If you have IQ above room temperature, you would know that his rendering stuff is fucking bullshit

  3. Would be awesome to get some of your work re-released for VR. Since the animation is already done, I imagine it would be just a case of re-rendering with a different camera setup.

  4. BTQ 1,2 and 3 were all good because of the FORCED bdsm sex scenes. BTQ 4 lost all that and is now consentual sex,,,so this series has LOST all excitement

  5. okay please make the ending by brutus cock get too large and then he force inside the pussy and rip the quiet in half and cum

  6. after this will you be focusing on lolicon versions of the same thing you just made “for real” ?

  7. It’s annoying how people are complaining how he is “milking” us because these animations take TIME AND EFFORT so they can be good. Animo deserves the money because the animations aren’t shit and rushed af like other creators.

    • problem is deadline incompetence with what it promises if you say it will be on such a date delivered on such a date but it stretches for two more months it is not a day or a week it is 2 months of inrolação this is ugly competence with zero score commitment

    • These “rushed and shit” animations you refer to probably didn’t have a budget of 400k+ a year with a timetable of 8+months per animation.

    • You heard of big green? That guy creates stuff with amazing quality (different artstyle though, less realistic) and its 100% free too.
      The difference between him and animo is that he releases small animations along the way, and not just the big one at the end/interacts with the community a lot in his discord.

  8. Question: what are you going to be working on after Breaking the quiet? Different animation series or something different?

  9. Kinda looking forward for this series to come to a end instead of a horse you should try a dog and a girl

    • +1 for that. Some k9 action with big veiny cocks and huge pussy and ass stretching knots… That actual Great Dane balls deep knotting you’ve always been looking for… Maybe our heroine stumbles on a bitch being knotted. She goes from shocked, then to curious, then after seeing the massive cock and knot joins in. Add some tag team dog on girl action. Perhaps she comes back for more and gets discovered by some who takes her to their private dungeon and has her service her minagerie…

  10. soooo release date somewhere in may? june-ish maybe? sometime in 2022?

  11. I hope when she pushes the cum out her ass she says ‘something feels different’ and her ass just gives way and she rolls out a huge prolapse. Please finish like this.

  12. ——-
    Working on the “main” scene for Quiet now, don’t want to spoil it.
    I expect to start rendering BTQ 5 somewhere at the end of this month.


  13. Thank you for the update. Your work is amazing and generous for the time you put into it.

    Brainstorm for new project;
    -alien abduction (all the way through examination), impregnation to birthing
    -canine domination spit roast by two dogs (both knotted)
    -dungeon torture with multiple devices ending with dolcett cooking scene

    I could imagine all three giving you a real challenge to expand your skills.
    Great work as always take care.

  14. First time commenting, love your shit animo. Thanks for releasing it free as well. I’ll support in the future when I can.

  15. I expect to finish animation-work in the end of this month.
    Deja-vu feeling? I think I read this last month!

  16. I find it somewhat hilarious how not a single one of the comments asking for gore is even remotely close to having somewhat decent English grammar.

    • Because it’s probably the same retarded faggot from Brazil or Russia or some shithole country where sex and violence are interchangeable and they live sad, poor pathetic lives.

  17. Good shit man,do you have any plans of doing a new series of videos (series with 2B will be perfect since alot of art from her involves horses!) besides the video game you guys are making?

  18. I hate that checking this is part of my life…im a piece of shit who can’t wait to watch an animated cartoon character get raped in the ass by a horse cock. More specifically i absol LOVE when he makes these whole shit and fart, like in the Lara x ray version she farts out dick that whole scene and it is unheard of to find more. Why? cartoons get raped in their farting asses would be an awesome porn section on any website imo.. Js

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  20. Just think he has made over half a million dollars off this animation by miking it for the last 6 years.

  21. And then only 3 months of rendering and mid June-July we should have the final video ready.

    • Well, it is, namefag. I know furries and MLP fans are fucking retards but at least try.

      • Stop crying so loud sissy boy you dont know shit about anything and everything

  22. I want everyone here from the bottom my heart is going to fuck and die mainly americans

    • You should watch your mom get slipt roasted by a Spanish and black dick before you cut yourself in the bathtub

  23. How about having Brutus cum through like Lara last video did either Quiet or the interrogator into the others mouth filling her up as well

  24. So Animo, when part 5 is out and the series is finally complete, will you also take every part and splice them together to make one long, feature-length cut of BTQ? I actually tried to do it myself a couple times so far with the episodes that are out already. Since you (Animo) yourself uploaded the parts individually on rule34video.com, I didn’t think it would be an issue. Whenever I try to post it though, it gets taken down. I think Animo is probably the one having them taken down, but why? I hope it is because you intend to upload something similar yourself when it’s all done.

    Also, there are some real sick fucks in these threads, aren’t there? Like seriously, there’s been no gore nor scat for all 4 parts thus far, and there will not be in part 5, either. You know how I know this? I DMed Animo with my concerns about that and he himself told me straight up that he didn’t like scat or gore and that he was not putting it in BTQ no matter how many people ask. If you’re into it THAT much, make it yourself.

  25. in my opinion, Animo should to make a cum through scene or xray ver. maybe that is good to us even to himself. like lara ep. 4. ah that was great stuff

  26. Make the big cock break all the stomach and lungs and guts and push them out the mouth!!!

  27. What Are you rendering on ? A fucking PC From 2002?? Damn you just Need money ,And this milking of people Is easier Then work ,you doesnt even care about anyone just Finish your self with Brutus Dick I Hope one day Someone Will find you and Then ..shoot

  28. It’s gotta be discouraging reading all the bullshit.
    Also, you’ll just be another nobody when its released so I get it..
    Drag it out man, enjoy it while it lasts. Nothing good ever does, biiiiiiitch’$

    • Lol so you just wrote some bullshit like the rest of us,stop being a discouraging piece of human ssssssssshhhhh!!!!!ttttt

  29. Hey man, your work is really good and very appreciated but I wish you’d move on from doing horse on girl. I hope your next series is something different. I really liked where the video with Ellie and that huge man was going, I wish you made more of that (so you keep the aspect of the male being way bigger than the female). Maybe you should do a poll to figure out what your fans want.

  30. This guys doesn’t want to do a poll to make shit for fans, he clearly makes it for himself and loves horse cock cuz he’s a faggot 😎

  31. Please Animo can u make quiet pull all the intestines prolapse out of interogator? 🔥

    • Be amazing to see one of the girls trying to push back in the other girls prolapse. Then get so intrigued when she finally gets it back in, she wants to test how damaged her ass is by inserting her arm to the shoulder. Her prolapse slides out yet again after the arm insertion, confirming its destroyed

  32. Farts, balls slapping against body, and dirty cocks. Interrogator’s face pushed into Brutus’s rear end in forced analingus and eventually her head is shoved inside. I can’t make a movie, but you guys should be able to “render” the images in your head lul

  33. 我想最后一部是像第一部一样 有bdsm bondage 和足底恋足癖 这些癖好都齐全 这就能超越第一部了 目前最好的 还是第一部

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          • lol the guy above me definetly from england or some other racist country….

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  34. ok cool so i guess we’ll have to wait 3 more months until the public release yeah?
    like what you did on p4




  36. Hello.!animo…
    Post atleast 2 or 3 minutes trailor for us.when you’re not release the p5 full episode

  37. I wonder what the subs get for their money at this point, because it’s okay not to post anything for free when you have $24k monthly income, yet it’s totally wrong to leave the ones paying with nothing.

  38. Uff you’re too much slow… at least i hope that this part isn’t disappointing as the last one. (More than an year, for nothing)

  39. Damn now its so easy to find nice ideas for btq ending – they all have “you’ll never get this” in replies

  40. Guys im working on finishing an update and will update you on the release of the update with a GIF and supporters get to suck my cock while I take a shit or a poll about if you want me to get fucked to death by a horse and update you about it

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  41. I can’t wait for pt5 my wife and I are planning on videoing our version of btq and hope to mimic as closely as possible my wife making her wife be the victim of course our horses are gorgeous and I look forward to doing everything with them that you see in video so hoping pt5 is real dirty one thanks animopron for your talents we have already mimic lara vids some pts we couldn’t but that’s real life for you but definitely had entire horse cock buried in my throat like lara just bit smaller

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  42. This community is so kanker toxic. Jesus Christ. I want to see the video too, just be fucking pacient.

    • can you say that if you already wait for a year? he always say i will release tomorrow, nxt week,next month, end of the month. “end of the year” he already use those word. end of the earth next.

  43. I know it’s free and shit… but still why is he saying it’s coming then and then and after all it’s coming the fk who knows..?!

  44. Today is the end of this month right? Why didn’t you post 1 or 2 days before or at least 0 o’clock today for Patreon?
    Looks like you love to receive more negative feedbacks and some unsubscribes!

    • If u werent stupid broke nigger u would know that animo charges his subscriibers once every 30 days, not at the beginning of each month.

      • Every 30 days means 13 months, so not only is he milking you fucktard subscribers by holding off completing the animation but he is also getting an extra months money from you too. Its one reason i quit paying for this shit. Rule34 and StudioFOW all the way

  45. Lol guys he hasn’t even started working on the sound 😂😂 y’all people who are defending him are the same pathetic losers who subscribes to him. Like you wanna make fun of us who been fans since the lara episodes. And most of us here are digital creators. There’s no excuse for the time it takes for him to do these vids. Period. So go ahead and keep sucking his dick while he milks y’all of your money. Peasants

  46. I hope you keep your promise, with new previews from the episode. Many people are looking forward to …

  47. Pull the Horse Dick outa your ass and Post Animo…!
    (How about instead of making “Longest episode yet” You chop it into 2 or 3 episodes that meet said completion dates?)
    That would meet your commitments to subscribers, and keep fans happy!
    Or maybe too much horse jizz reached your brain?

  48. What if animo doesn’t release pt5 and it’s all a scam, how much money can he get away with ???

  49. Animo has made over $1Million + USD over the years, (That’s Just from BTQ 3 + onwards.)
    He could scam everyone, and walk away, house paid for, and a nice sports car in the driveway.


    • You defo not understand how things work. The way of milking substar he can make waaaay more off his supporters than just release it on the pay-to-see basis.

  51. I’m seriously hyped Amino!
    BTQ is the only porn that has all of my kinks in it at once. Seriously hard to find something like it, and most of it isn’t interesting for me as a female as people normally don’t bother showing the nasty details :p You’ve been responsible for 80% of my orgasms dude

  52. Hey you trolls and freeloaders,

    It seems at this point when I have this much income off subscribestar I might stop giving a flying fuck about public updates. My supporters are willing to wait a while year as they know I’ll deliver in the end, and there are enough of them for me to not care about the rest. Besides, you’re so horny for my animations you shall loyally come back here and see if there’s anything new to jack off to. Which they’re won’t be for the same reasons mentioned above. So kindly keep posting your spew under the updates and winning about how I “milk” others’ freely-given money.



    • people want instant gratification, most people dont know how long a render for a animation can take, or the problems that can happen. I do hope you release BTQ 5 soon, but no rush. rather get a good vid then a crappy rushed shitty animation.

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