Update on P4 release

I’m working with deepthroat scenes now, it’s about 3-4 scenes left. I expect the release for supporters in about ~2 weeks.
Public release is gonna be 5 days after.

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      • How about no. What on earth about any of Animo’s previous videos or previews would make you think him or anyone would want that to happen? Sick fucking weirdo.

        • Yeah shit is where we draw the line. No sarcasm there, while, whatever made you think it’s okay to suggest that while we only punch a horse cock through the female body like it’s just a toy.

          • Again, what about any release here has made you think anyone subscribes to this dude for shit and scat? If he made some disgusting degenerate nasty ass shit like you want, he’d lose money because nobody wants that. Kill yourself.

    • barefoot is stupid. You idiots dont know shit about what makes something more exotic. So many idiots on this forum have shit ass taste I swear.

  1. If there is a part 5 after this can you have Quiet use the strapon would love to see her get some personal revenge by fucking the hell out of the interrogator herself with no mercy, show off her strength

        • Literally on this site:

          “Ok, i’m finally back on BTQ again – working on the final episode of this series.”

          Learn to read, fuckwad. The internet is already full of brain dead comments, stop adding more stupid questions.

          • He just asked if there was gonna be strap on action. Sure I want to see Quiet ram the Interrogator too. Personal revenge sounds awesome and I hope Animopron does it.

  2. I hope the women with the boots gets them taken off!
    be great if there was more foot fetish scenes.
    Horse footjob or licking cum off feet!

  3. I’m looking forward to it. But I have a feeling that it will be released next month.

  4. it sounds great.. Speacking about SOUND.. eeheheh.. would be amazing if Quite will have a voice like LARA rather than the boring flat little squels of an hentay cartoon.. much sexier and teasing a “western” accent.. if she will make any sounds at all… anyway can’t way for realise..

  5. what are you thinking about for your next work???? do you have in your mind the next girl or not??? P.d: sorry for my grammar im practice im new in English

  6. Please have quite make the interrogator eat Brutus’ shit then have Brutus throat fuck the shit down her throat cumming in her stomach forcing her shit and Brutus’ out her ass so Quiet can force her to eat it again

    • I want to see interrogator rimming brutus then she gets a surprise stud pile right in her slutty mouth and quiet comes over for a taste

      • Oh good idea then they share by passionately kissing while eating the shit and rubbing it onto each others bodies while they continue to make out.

        • I meam that we watch this is altedy fucked up but the whole shit stuff plz no never

          • As they kiss passionately with Brutus excrement, the stallion continues to rain down brown gold upon the two nymphs.

        • scat fags back at it again. post a shit comment, jack off to some other scat cancer, come back to reply to urself, go to sleep, wake up immediately go to this comment section, reply to urself again to fake support for your scat cancer. on every post. fucking warms my heart you retards will never get what you want from animo lmao

        • All three of you (which are likely the same account) need to fuck off and die.

    • Imagine thinking anyone would enjoy this or it would be worth anyone’s time. You’ve been spamming this same shit for like two years in these comments, coomer, you’re a pathetic gross fat fuck. Wirek is only slightly worse.

  7. He says public release is gonna be in 3 weeks… So probably we’ll have It in 5 weeks or more, as usual

      • In the leak morons. How many times do u guys whine u cant find the leak. Jesus just torrent

        • Ooh yeah?
          If there is any torrent so why dont you give us the fucking link and prove your word

          • Go find yourself you overweight shit,you was able to find this site…just click on that porn tab you got open already on google and search it

          • There is no “leak” you fucking dipshit, that’s from the subscriber previews you fucking acne faced bitch

        • damn…i just searched for btq4 final render leak . im SOOOOO damn excited for it to finish downloading. HELL YA thank you

        • There’s no “leak” outside of the SubscribeStar preview images and videos, but keep thinking you’ve somehow found a leak.

          • Well it’s a leak for him, it leaked outside of that community to the community that doesn’t have easy silver platter delivered access to it.

          • Sure, but now you’re moving the goal posts. They’re saying the full thing “leaked” and therefore Animo is holding out on us, when it isn’t even rendered, yet. You can fuck off if you’re going to suck some liars dick on this site, bitch.

  8. So public one will be released around end of May or In July, I can wait anyways. Now of you could do a 2B porn with Vaginal Sex as the main point.

  9. So nice to see that the release dates are just a meme in this community.

    • You don’t pay anything, anyways, why are you butthurt about it? You’ll get your free porn when you get it, you entitled manchild. If I were Animo, I’d cancel the public release last minute just to tell you guys to go fuck yourselves.

      • Imagine taking the message negatively, when I was just making fun of people who ask about release dates.

        • Imagine taking this message seriously when you were (and are) being a whiny cunt

      • He could do that but not every pleb is entitled, the adults would be punished for what the children say. Also, mister dead meme didn’t say anything entitled, just made a joke (bad joke, but still a joke).

      • 26k lmao, you are crazy if you think his ass is getting anywhere near 26k from this A YEAR never mind a month. He obviously doesn’t work on this everyday, he probably does about thirty minutes-hour every week or every two weeks because again, he makes practically nothing from this even with this money made from supporters.

  10. Как ты это делаешь? Через какую программу, мне просто интересно)

  11. lol he did this with one of his early vids, nothings changed… keeps delaying and more milking, i remember comments got so bad that he started deleting the truth ones and of course the cucks still defend him until this day saying the same “but it’s free” argument…. anyways, best to check this site here and there but DON’T ever wait or support his lying ass, let his dick suckers pay for everything and just watch when you see it on random tubes

    • Found the moron that doesn’t understand how rendering works.

      Found the hypocrite that refreshes this page every day for updates.

      Found the poor beggar that can’t pay for his horse porn.

      Found the crybaby entitled faggot boy.

    • The “but it’s free” is a compelling argument, no one ever could come up with a counter argument for it. I agree with the last sentence though.

  12. Hopefully the next part has some tribbing. I think people will like some lesbian action.


  14. 29. march you posted:
    “P4 is finally finished, and it’s rendering.”

    If you gonna bait people, at least try to be convincing for fucks sake.

          • I’m not the one crying about free shit, unlike your penniless ass lmao

    • Finished means animating phase is done. And we are at the end of the rendering part atm. Learn some basic stuff goddammit!

    • First he says its finished. Then he says he is working on a new deepthroat scene…which means its not finished

      • He says he’s rendering the deepthroat scene, retard, sorry you can’t read.

  15. 5 week= 35 days aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. I’m hoping for a bonus x-ray scene with Brutus down her throat and quiet elbow fisting her ass and jerking Brutus cock from the inside.

  17. jesus fuck
    calling it now, June1st and he’s gonna be like ‘yeah, still working on the post credits avengers scene, it’ll be anouther week or five’

  18. Interrogator need full facial and anus wrecking anal for the complete humiliation and degradation from her dominant position

      • Which is at least two times what she gave Quiet! Two horses at the same time one in the ass and one in throat then cum explosion together. Start off initially with the Interrogator’s deeper guttural grunt as the anal begins turning to a squeal as she gets double ended

  19. Show us the interrogator’s helpless face as she realizes she’ll be Brutus’ anal cumdump for eternity

  20. Hey, animo.Can you please not release this part at all? I want to see all the pathetic bottom feeders here who complain all the time to seethe like fucking hell!!!

    • imagine calling anyone a bottom feeder when you sit in the same comment section f just neck yourself

    • This guy fucking has the leaked torrent. Thats why he doesnt care if it doesnt release

          • You realize, again, those are just the subscriber previews, right? That’s not the leak, the full rendered project doesn’t exist yet you fucking dipshit lmao

    • Stop acting like you arent a bottom feeder too bitch,you sound just as desperate

      • You literally come here, refresh the page daily, and cry that you haven’t been given your free horse porn, yet, you lonely miserable fuck.

  21. I’m with some of the others: I hope Animo cancels the public release and just lets this out for subscribers. The entitlement here is real.

    Anyone replying to this comment is instantly a faggot:

  22. The wait sucks, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it, keep up the good work Animo

  23. Looking forward to it!
    Thank you for the animations Animo we appreciate it.

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