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  1. W00t w00t, excited for the release, thanks for the hard work Animo.

    After this are you going to be working on the project with Quiet?

  2. Honestly, i feel like you are wasting your time with this and should have moved on to the next movie (with Quiet) way long ago – before the through-penetration. I like everything you’ve done so far, but these are just the same shit with a few “changes” – the old stuff does it better for me than this (way more immersion breaking with see through). I know it’s free and all but these are just my thoughts – wasted weeks on useless content.

      • I didn’t mean to sound self entitled – those were just my thoughts on the last 2 Lara scenes. Of course i still remain a fan of his work, i am just saying that brand new content would have been way more satisfactory than re-hashing old content. The amount of time and effort vs pay-off is not worth it in my opinion.

        • Yeah same here… but we live in a time of “re-releases”.
          “Hey, remember this awesome animation? Yeah, here is it again!”
          I love his work and every single video, but this is (at least for me) completely uninteresting. ^^”

    • Yes, i will start working on the next project after this release.
      What about “wasting time” – yes, it’s very hard to make such things, so that’s why we almost don’t have any “x-ray” 3d porn stuff. Dunno if i will make something like that in future (cause it’s so time consuming), but it was a good experience anyway.

          • Oh good, because all you’d have to do is kill all the people patiently waiting for actual new content instead of yet another remake of the same old thing we already have. So no more than a few thousand probably. You should get right on that.

      • Don’t get me wrong – i am glad you are branching out, trying new things, and learning new stuff while you do these clips – they are only going to improve your future work. I just think that after this experience you should consider whether it’s worth wasting so much time on re-skinning something already great instead of making something big and new.

      • Thanks for all the work Animo

        Just remember for every 1 person complaining, there’s probably 20 more who love the work you do.

  3. wonderful animo ! thanks ! hey I was just wondering, are you still doing this episode (4) with better sound ? I mean extreme noises from lara as you would expect from being assraped by a horse ? thanks again !!

    • Yeah, the sounds used are really inappropriate. She sounds like she’s in mild discomfort – not like she’s being pinned down and pumped full of cum untill she drowns.

  4. I like what you’ve done so far animo keep up with the awesome work your by far hands down the best out there in my book can’t wait to see this

  5. You said like a month ago that you were working on pussy x-rays and would post previews. Are you still doing those or no? (I’m not complaining, just curious because I hoped there would be throat/pussy x-rays too)

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