X-Ray GIF preview

Check out this small GIF with X-Ray preview here
It was very hard to create such thing, but after many hours of testing – here it is.
It’s gonna be additional x-ray views for whole LWH2 movie – for vaginal/anal episodes and maybe for the final deepthroat scenes of EP3.

Check it out
Here’s an additional X-Ray preview for patrons.

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  1. excellent work, will this impact on the through shot you were working on? is it something you are likely to include in future works? and if so will you go with reality and gore or fantasy?

    • my guess is that x-ray shots would be part of the established “canon”, while the all-the-way-through scene will be just a bonus. That, or Lara is a reality warper.

      • Thank god. It would push already insane video into something barely resembling “batshit”; not that “cum the way through” isn’t already way past it, imo. By the way, any visible progress at your next project (aside from tantalizing view of Quiet’ ass)? Any substantial informations need to be paid for, yeah?

    • Yeah, most interested in that. Seeing the cock stretch the vagina, and then breaking through the cervix, head flaring out and locking itself into the womb! And then ofc. Eventually seeing the womb balloon with cum lol

  2. really wonderful to see her !! x-ray and the best ideas you have us. you’ll add her to your next video as well as other exhibits videos lara and the horse?

  3. Awesome job Animo, looks great.
    Since youre basically adding more stuff to that remaster, maybe wanna add her facecam all/most of the time? So many scenes were id love to see her face but cant and theres always some unused space on screen.

  4. Most looking forward to the deep throat scene if it happens. It is something so very rare. Seen a lot of x-ray vag / anal in comics, but so seldom do er get any deep throat x-ray.

  5. Pretty pretty please do X-Rays for all the cumshots! Even the final shot where the cum is forced out of Lara’s mouth. Cervical penetration, filling the womb until it swells, filling the stomach with cum shooting down through the intestines, and the reverse. You are the best at this stuff!

    And please include xrays in your future work. We don’t have enough of this stuff!

    • Oh and I forgot to say, maybe add a bonus scene or x ray bonus where when the horse cums down Lara’s throat it gets forced out of her ass?

        • Somebody asked for all-through penetration from mouth to ass. It’d be great for double cumshot as in the end of EP4. For the first cumshot, penetration leading to cum being forced out of her ass. For the second cumshot, the tip sticks out and is crowned by the asshole with every thrust, until the last one, horse getting too excited lifting Lara impaled and spraying cum all over.

    • oh yes, because the rest of the series has been soooo realistic.

      If it were realistic, the series would have would suddenly turned into hardcore gore and snuff about halfway through episode 2.

  6. In this x-ray gif the intestines stay unchanged in a curve. Intestines, however, can be straightened out. So, perhaps an idea for an x-ray of deeper penetration?

    • mosdef for harder, when the horsecock is at its hardest. not sure about deeper. if you watch a lot of anal porn where girls do it with toys, you’ll come across some funky twisted dildos when they push out.

  7. It looks like you are planning an x-ray version of total penetration. When you stop the penetration halfway her neck, you have a good view of the bulge in her neck. That view makes your work so special. You miss that view when the penetration goes further.

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