Update on release 2

Guys, i will take +1 day on voice composing – for a better result. Right now it’s only last 2 scenes left, but i will not start rushing for today release. Plus i need extra time to encode/upload it.

P.S. There’s gonna be both versions (with/without “X-ray”) with improved sounds

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  1. I got to watch the patreon version of ep 4 and not really anything has changed the xray is the only thing different it just sounds the same only the xray parts are new

      • ikr? just why?

        Why not just watch normal porn?

        I never understood why everyone is going crazy with this stuff..

        To me it doesn’t cause a single erection.. (none of the videos..)

        But i remember a few years back that they did..

        Anyway.. i really have hopes for the next project which will have nude feet. (since nude feet is kind of my fetish

      • yea because he works hard to give quality while you work hard at being the keyboard warrior lol. hows your fedora doing, neckbeard?

  2. Hey animo said that he needs a little more time so I’m sure the public and the patron one are going to be very different

  3. Oh and he said that he still making changes so which ever version of ep4 you watched is probably not going to the same after the changes animo made after he’s done working

  4. Can’t wait to see animo please very please take you’r time please don’t rush take as much time as you need you have earned it animo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. I think your work is great and all but i also think that you have to post a release date that you are comfortable with and not feel like it’ll get rushed. Its not fun when we get a release date that you always skip.

    • Yes exactly. Take as long as you need, people can wait, work takes time. But stop giving release dates and then delaying 2 or 3 times every single time.

      • Then he just shouldn’t give release dates. He gives dates he thinks he can hit. Ends up having new ideas or life or whatever happens. I rather have a date and it be delayed a week and him keep in contact, then have no date and it randomly drops.

  6. I once made movies myself, its really hard to release one video to public, cause u want it to be perfect. And there will be always something u dont like, and if u start editing little things to optimize over and over again, it still takes hours.

    So don’t start to be salty, when its all for free.
    Talking about money when u not even paying is kinda silly.

  7. I love how everyone be like “Oh, this dude makes SOOO much money but he keeps delaying things.

    #1 it’s JUST Porn, no big deal.
    #2 if you haven’t seen it then it means you aren’t paying shit to begin with because
    #3 he always delivers to his patrons and STILL tries to make it better for free. Quit whining ya babies.

    • to be honest its his patrons i feel for, considering that his donations are 14k a month i would expect him to be a bit more productive, after finding his stuff earlier this year by chance, i was all ready to sign up as a patron as i really enjoy animated porn and the more out there the better (i can thank legend of the overfiend for that i guess), but i decided to see how quickly he produced new content as a $20 a month donation is quite a lot of cash. Shadbase has EP4 date stamped as july 30 and the all the way through episode was released in november 2016, now thats 3 to 4 months that would be $60-$80 and we are into January for release of the xrays so another $20-Β£40, thats alot of scratch for lets face it rehashed scenes.
      now i assume that this is now animos full time job, and if it isnt, then it should be, but if we assume it is, lets say its been 20 weeks working time (allowing for holidays etc) since EP4, working 5 days a week, and 8 hours a day, that’s 800 hours work time, which hes been paid approx $300,000 for and he cant deliver the correct sound for his patrons and needs a bit longer ?
      Now dont get me wrong i love what he has produced, i dont begrudge him the money, but prolific he is not,i agree he shouldn’t rush things, but i think he really needs to either start looking to farm out some of the work or look at faster ways to get his product to the viewer, that may mean faster technology or better software or working with other people , i dont know, but i can see patrons walking away in droves if more content and faster releases are not forthcoming for the quiet project.

      • Word. Great artist with great artwork. But earning enough money to actually enrich his one-man-show with another artist/modeller/whatever.
        There’s currently also no real benefit in becoming a patron since even if he’d suddenly get twice the amount of money, he wouldn’t be faster. And with $14k a month you could easily pay ~$3k for another contributor.

      • I understand where you’re coming from but myself, if I was in Animo’s shoes – I probably wouldn’t treat this as a full time job.
        Imagine trying to get 3d design jobs after spending a few years animating horse cocks in girl’s guts, the stigma is there unfortunatly.

        Alternatively with the money earned a studio could be established catering to just this type of thing as the demand is clearly there.

        • sorry but if you are taking 14k a month from people then you have to make this your full time job, or you stop taking donations and just do it for free, the whole point of an artist having a “patron” is so that they dont need to worry about bills/food/rent and anything else that prevents/slows them from being creative and productive, but even the great artists have assistants and apprentices to help with the work load,obviously we dont know how or what Animo is doing behind the scenes, but for $14k a month he really needs to be thinking about doing it far faster.

  8. srsly dude you need to hire a person or 2 to help you with the animating side of things, your content is the best 3d i’ve seen but it takes 4+ months for each release

  9. Oh what a surprise. Like its anything new. He never hits schedule. If he would work serious he would have been fired for a long time already.

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