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  1. Good stuff Animo ! I hope you make the sounds more ‘extreme’ as in ep4. They were a bit too tame , for my taste But great job anyway !!

  2. Why not releaising it next year? 1st november is long over.

    I find it funny how he works. He would never get a job like that.
    He had enough time to finish the sounds… Whatever getting tired anyway.

  3. You’d think the sound version would be released for the patrons. Or you know, without the stock sounds at all. The sounds in 4 were a letdown.

    • My thoughts exactly. Sound is absolutely essential. This Animo Pron guy is getting paid over $14k a month, the least he can do is hire a voice actress. Sound production is the one area where StudioFow is unrivaled (their animation has been lacking since Kunoichi).

  4. who needs sounds anyway? i usually fap with the sound muted,it makes the rest of the office uncomfortable if they can hear the sex noises

  5. Animo, dont you think that there should be a time_posted_text on each post?

    Because for example now.. i don’t know in how long 6-9 hours is..

    • Perhaps since time is different for each person.. then add a “X hours ago” text.

      A counter basically. Just like in reddit.

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