Update on EP4 release

I need couple more additional hours to finish the sounds, so i will not rush it for today release.
It should be there near midday tomorrow. Thanks.

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  1. Да ладно вам ребят, он же столько время и нервы потратил, за то для нас бесплатно, а так не хилая работа стоит.

  2. Take your time Animo. Your videos is the one of the best and real fans can wait for it and encourage you. Ignore morons, and proceed at your own pace as you need Great, really great and honest job Do not get upset and push you to the rashness that could only harm your creation Again, great job.

  3. its funny, how everybody is so impatient they behave like little kids…who want to jerk of too a girl getting fucked by a horse……weird stuff

  4. Take all the time you need animo.This massive pacific ocean sized nutt that I must release will only become larger and much more pleasurable when I finally paint every wall in my room including the ceiling white with cum.It’s really going to be a hot and sticky disaster once i’m done spunking all over the fucking place.Last episode I literally plastered my god damn self to the bed I can only imagine the huge fucking mess in store for me this time.

    • That was the weirdest thing I’ve read in atleast a couple of months.. Then again I am on a webpage made for animated horse fucking so I don’t know what I expected

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