Okay, right now i’m waiting for the final fluid-simulation. Right after this, the whole project is gonna be finished. Final lenght is ~12000 frames, which is 8 minutes and a few seconds (without intro and titles).

The approximate release date is June, 21

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  1. I hope you are one of the guys who say they release it on date x and try their best to release it as fast as possible

    Anyway, thanks for the date, it´s a lot faster as I imagined.
    Keep up the work

  2. For a moment I thought you meant the fluid simulation was 8m and I was sweating bullets at the idea of an 8 minute creampie

  3. 3d animation take alot of hard work lot of posing and animations, i try to learn animation by Source Filmmaker but it take so much time (no sound include ) . Beside he/she is one man army with high quality product so you should not expect it finish soon .

    • As always, my supporters will get a special 1920*1080 resoluiton version.
      Here, i will post a public version of this animation, in medium resoluiton (1280*720).

  4. I can relate with and understand the render times.
    I’ve made a 10 second clip once, which took 2 and a half day to render, non-stop! Granted i didn’t use any compositing tricks, but i also didn’t have fluid simulations or heavy deforming meshes. It’s a monstrous horseco-… ehm, undertaking to make an animation like this filled with cu-.. eh, quality.
    Sorry, i’m getting distracted…

  5. Anon from June 18, the Nintendo E3 press conference turned out to be terrible in all ways possible, let´s hope the final result of this video is the exact opposite and delivers everything our dick… i mean our curiosity for scientific purpose desires

    • idk what you’re talking about. They finally made a starfox game for the wii u. Can’t wait to try Mario Maker on Saturday. Mario & Luigi Paper Jam looks awesome. Xenoblade Chronicles X is beautiful.
      The press conference wasn’t all that but the nintendo treehouse stream has covered everything and more with tons of actual gameplay. And half of their announcements were slated to come out this year.
      And I really want to play Steamworld Heist which will be released on 3ds first.
      Only complaint everyone actually seems to have is the metroid prime federation force debacle.
      Nintendo had already won with the Nintendo World Championship.

  6. Omg i’m so excited! E3 stuff(dishonored 2) and this will be out soon! animo i greatly appreciate all the time and work you put into this project can’t wait to see the entire animation.

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