Ok, a lot of frames rendered in a past 2 days. I will post some GIF tomorrow, cause i can’t do that right now.

Also, today i’ve posted another full-res rendered preview for my supporters, so check it out, if you are my patron


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  1. I know that feel, Anon, but the longer it takes the better the final result will be, it’s not like it takes as long as it does because he stopped working on it and then got back to it weeks later.

  2. yeah not like another animator I followed on FA that dropped off the face of the planet for 3 years and going with a project at 70% and the bar still says it’s at 70% that whole time and continuing. The only activity on his page is people asking if he’s still alive.

  3. I can’t do anything faster right now. My PC is working whole 24 hours on rendering. And it’s not just a simple “rendering” when you can leave it, and just sit and wait – i’m always change some textures, enable/disable objects, and swap scenes.

    What about some “freezed” projects from other artists – it’s always about payment. If i’m not succeed on patreon before – i will just drop that stuff, and find some another work, to earn money for a living. It’s impossible to create this projects for free, and release them that fast. Also, don’t forget – all that 3d software isn’t free – it’s pretty expensive. It’s much simplier to be a 2D artist, at that case. If you are working with 3d – there’s a lot of software – 3ds max (with some payed plugins also), adobe photoshop, after effects, premiere and sony vegas.

    Right now i can’t just freeze something, cause it’s +400 of great guys behind me, who support this project. So it’s no other way for me, that continue working that hard.

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