Update 4

Okay, the After Effects is rendering much slower, than i’ve expected… I just hope i can finish it on the very end of the day. There’s at least 3 more hours, until i can encode, and upload it on hosting.

P.S. Happy New Year everybody!

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  1. This is a repost of my previous question:
    I know that getting an actress will be had, are you still going to use the lame “moans” for this episode?

    • This episode is released today without any sound. Then will come EP4. When EP4 is finished, there will be sound made (and remade) for all the episodes. This also means that maybe EP4 will be released first with no sound.
      If you’re a “sound or nothing” kind of guy, just wait a few days, I’m sure someone will make the sounds using canned sound libraries.

      • thanks but this is a question directed towards Animo, I am simply asking if he is planning to use the so called “lame moans” before acquiring an Actress, since the role may never be filled because most will not wish to have there voice on an animation of this kind

  2. Its already done, now it is only processing so no worries. New Year is always followed by raise of prices on things everywhere so there is no reason to party for it. I don’t mind blowing it up. With a giant rendered horse cock. In Lara throat. Oh my.

  3. Vodka Vodka Brice Yeltsin. Эх жаль что кодирование видео файлов очень долгий процесс((. Всех с новым годом. ”
    Oh sorry that the encoding of video files very long process ( ( . Happy New Year!!”

  4. Not even surprised.

    What I am surprised about though is the lack of sounds.
    I am even more surprised by “not willing to add these bad moans, because somewhere in 2017 we’ll be getting a remastered version with VA.”

    • It’s easy to tell the people complaining haven’t got a clue about animating, or audio work.. or even rendering a movie in after effects.
      I can’t believe how ungrateful some people are.. if Animo added the sounds now.. you wouldn’t get the movie at least for another 2 days… If you know what your doing you can add sounds like I will… until animo adds them in the new year… stop complaining and maybe learn something.

  5. Chill and have a good new year dude.
    Those who whine about delays won’t remember or care a week from now.
    And thanks for making your work available for us broke slackers! =)

  6. Happy new year to you animo thanks for all work you do. I do have a question though, will x-rays be added with all 4 eps when you combine them with audio?

  7. Animo, You should check out StudioFOW, they make SFM porn movies and have a bunch of voice actresses who work on their films. I’d bet you could commission one of them to do the sound for sure.

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