Ok, i’m almost done with “x-ray” composing – release is gonna be this month.
After release, i will finally start working on the new project

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  1. Since when does “Finished” mean “almost done – sometime this month”. Next time, make this the first post, and say almost done when you are actually almost done.

    • When he said “Finished” he meant he’s done with the animating portion of the x-ray bit of this project. The “almost done” refers to rendering, editing and/or whatever final touches he needs to do before he calls this project complete and ready for downloading. Next time, pay attention to what you are reading before you start talking out of your ass.

    • But in any case, this kind of rudeness is incomprehensible, even if you were a contributor with his patreon.

      You watch these videos so I suppose you’re not a child, then you should begin to behave as an adult and not cry like a child who wants his candies.

      • Sorry, I just assumed that someone who is making potentially upwards of 17,000 a month (potentially 200k annually) would have more communication, and better work ethic. Or even have multiple people working on each project based on how much that is.

        • His wording is pretty obvious, though, dude.
          “Ok, i’m finally finished the “x-ray” version of EP4! I need to work a bit on final composing, and it’s ready. ”
          He said in the last post that all he had to do was work on final composing. This one is saying that he’s almost done with final composing.
          Communication and work ethic is fine, you’re getting sore over wording that was fine.

        • If there is a problem with the communication, its on your side not his. Maybe if you could be bothered to read the updates correctly, rather than trying to find any excuse to moan

  2. Will you use an already made Quiet model or make one a bit modified?
    Atm I personally found all Quiet’s model are not sexy at all. She needs a sexier face. (A bit like jill valentine model )

    • Really? Damn I thought Stefanie is very beautiful. But he posted in an update a finished quiet model if you go back and find it hopefully it’s to your liking. I thought it’s a little low quality compared to Lara but meh. Will look fine in videos

  3. I would love to see Lara fuck the horse in the add and pussy! Lara would have a huge dick and Deepthroat the horse and all! That would be something so amazing.

  4. Porra fala serio
    O cara anuncia um video no inicio do ano
    Posta ele em agosto
    E agora vive de com essas merda de RaioX
    Nem sei pq ainda entro aqui

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