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    • No. Animo is working on a new video, and most of his paying customers want to see it finished rather than him going back to work on something that’s already released.

      • And just how is it that you know what Animo’s collective patreon community want? I would assume your statement comes from rigorous data analytics.

  1. Just remember everyone, If you keep begging for remakes of episode 3 as well you have to remember that it’s an either or proposition – animo has limited time and can’t work on everything at once. Every day he spends working on bonus material from the old scenes is a day he isn’t working on the new video.

  2. I wasn’t begging for animo to do a remake I was only asking if he did a Mimi episode of ep3 just like the one he made in ep4

    • Because it takes 2x to render. Rather than rendering 60 FPS, I’d rather him give us the .3ds that way people can change lighting, shaders, textures the way they want and render the way they want.

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