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  1. Your gettin over $100,000 a year soon, get better Hardware/Softwear then ‘_’ to help increase your following, then you’ll be able to get all the Mansions, Men/Women, Cars, Rifles that you want, rather than whatever your buying now thats costing the other 60k a year you get after the food/clothes/electricity wages are used up “/

  2. I’ve been watching/ following your work for sometime now. Thanks for doing what you have been. And putting in the energy and time.

  3. Keep up the great work! One of these days lets chat about building you a small rendering farm. Fairly cheap to build – say put 5 CPU’s together or maybe 8. It will make things go much faster. Happy New Years!

  4. Good to know, but still the question remains when will the audio be added?
    And yes I know you said “for now” but that’s a little bit vague.

    • We’ll see… maybe i will work with sounds, on the next week. But as i said before – i don’t really want to use those lame “moans” again.
      On the other hand – i can’t “use” a voice actress right now, cause there’s no fact, that she’ll be doing this after a few months, when the last EP will comes out. So it’s the right decision, to record a voice for the whole series at once.

      • I understand that acquiring an actress is going to be a little bit hard considering the movie role they will be asked to play. I was curious to if you will still use the lame “moans” for this episode then employ an actress when all the episodes are done and in the complete movie?

      • Tbh i think 80% would rather the “lame moans” and squelching of…You know, than fapping like mad to an absolutely mute video and hearing cpt. Helmet Smacker goin at it

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