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  1. Idea: Missionary shot like from Lara EP2, but view like from Ellie (Lara had X-ray through a table, now through a horse)

  2. Wooden horse with Quiet locked inside and she’s offering her ass. Wooden horse has a hole cut and all you can see is Quiet’s little asshole, Horse starts humping the wooden horse (Quiet’s ass).

  3. Make it something same like in lara ep4 when she was full of cum and then she wants to pull that horse dick out and that horse overturn her and start fuck her again with full stomach of sperm it was amazing.

  4. I hope we see some deepthroat fisting, where she rammed her whole arm up to her shoulder into Quiet’s mouth and throat. That would be awesome!

  5. How about something we dont see much? if not at all?
    What about throat fisting? It wouldn’t be too far fetched, since Lara deepthroated a dick much larger than an arm. It would make for quite an interrogation method.
    (I wrote all this without checking the comments first, seems like im not the only one thinking about it)

  6. amigo suas animaçoes são de mais. sera quei so vamos ver animaçao 3d de Quiet – Metal Gear so em 2017 estou muito ancioso para vela

  7. We want to see a horse model also… Hope its not the same horse like with Lara. Some huge “full” draft stallion with massive balls would be great.

  8. Hello, my suggestion is that there isn’t “weird” things (farts, pissing, fisting, futa etc.).

    On the other hand, here I present some ideas:

    1. Quiet begins with clothes.
    2. At first Quiet not want to touch the horse and she is forced. But gradually she goes exciting and, ultimately, kisses the flaccid penis after the last cum in thanks for the pleasure received despite the pain because of the size of the cock.
    3. The penis is flaccid and when horse sniffs Quiet’s pussy starts to get hard.
    4. The semen is sticky and adheres to the skin and hair of Quiet. At least after the first cum.

    These are some of the situations that I like to see. If I can think more, I will write

  9. I highly reccomend G-string rather than normal panties and sheer plain pantyhose rather than fishnets… so much sexier .. especially the G-string which exalt the shape of the ass.. or without panty at all under the sheer nylons… would be amazing. But not that panties from the 80’s.. in my humble opinion…

  10. personally i would like to see the impossible, by that i mean things that dont already happen in fairly mainstream porn, fisting and toys (even very large ones) can be found two a penny on various streaming sites with no trouble and with real live performers, the genius of Lara with horse 2 was that what we were watching wasnt humanly possible for the most part.
    And the same is true for a large number of animation porn, well for the popular ones atleast, i wouldnt be here if Lara with horse 2 was just vanilla beast porn, my suggestion therefore would be to not waste too much effort on general lesbian sex or run of the mill sub/dom sex, please create something that breaks ground and shocks and excites, use the characters organs to the maximum and do the unexpected.

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