I will start encoding/uploading it in a ~1,5 hours. Is about 3-4 hours e.t.a, cause i will post the 1080p version first.
P.S. It’s so hard to open this site, due to overload.

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  1. Uploading the Audio could also suffice for those that know how to combine the two. If the framerate didn’t change.

  2. I’m from the future. The year is 3179. Animo says it will only take another couple minutes. Patiently waiting.

  3. Cant wait for more post poning. Cmon Animo just admit you never worked on the project in the first place and there is no episode 4

    • It’s not just about horse porn. Few people or groups put this much effort into 3D porn. A THIRD DIMENSION and StudioFOW are there only other ones know of. Not only that but the only limit to the kind of weird and crazy shit you can do is you’re imagination.

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