Ok, right now i’m finishing the latest liquid simulation – it was pretty hard to do (plus there was some re-renders), so that’s why it takes couple more additional days.
Releasing date is still “asap”, i will give the “official” date very soon.

Anyway – check out this frame from the final cumshot here

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  1. We are waiting for a date when you will give the date for another release date ??? Animo do you see were that doesn’t make sense

  2. We are waiting for a date when you will give the date for another release date ??? Animo do you see were that doesn’t make sense

  3. a couple more
    additional days
    Milking it harder than laura milked that horse.

    also is he removing comments now?

  4. Man insteadof removing comments how about you actually give us details hell maybe even stream on what you’re doing. I’m new around here but if its true about you being a money whore then I’llbe very ddisappointed.

  5. Comments are definitely being removed.
    If he pushes it to August 1st, we’ll know what’s up. At the end of the day, it’s free porn. No need to be mad unless you pay for it, in which case, gg.

      • Or maybe he is working on a long complex project, the dates he gave were estimates. It’s impossible to tell how long certain parts take in stuff like this. Sorry your fap schedule is so tight right now but you’ll have to hold off a little longer you tight fisted prick

  6. He has put 7 months and 3 days into this video (see the January archive) so this must be the most amazing mind blowing porn ever

  7. This isn’t his first project, Animo knows exactly what he’s doing. Even if he releases in August it’ll still confirm all of our suspicions. Remember when he said it was “almost done in May/June?

    • Congratz on discovering he did other projects too.
      Let’s see how long it takes you to realize that
      1) EP3 took more time than this one, so no matter your whining, he’s faster now
      2) He will do another project after this, so the majority of his Patrons does’t wait for the EP4 release to run away immediately like you would, they just continue to support him without any care about release dates, so there’s no “milking it a day more”.

  8. I have my testicles more large that the horse of both wait. I can not stand more. hahaha
    Anyway, My congratulations to you Mr Animo for the effort that makes doing this great animation of Lara.

  9. Look, I am pretty impartial on this, I dont care about waiting, believe it or not, my life doesn’t revolve around horse wang.

    However, let’s look at the facts for a moment:
    The first ever prediction animo gave was for a late june release. This gave him over 6 months to create the project. A very reasonable time frame. This release date was given in the third week of may, meaning about 2 weeks before he set a release date, animo told us he had 2 weeks of work left.

    This deadline was missed and we were told to keep checking and were contuinally handed “soon”

    After a full month of “final renders” and “last scenes” and “almost finished” we finally got a hard release window, 17th-21st.

    However, during this window he told us he had issues with liquids, causing a day or two delay. Despite help being offered to assist with his issues, animo remained silent on what problems he was actually having and instead, began deleting comments that mentioned the possibility of an august release date.

    Now animo has apparently fixed the final issues, which should have been fixed before rendering even started (which makes their legitimacy dubious) and yet still hasnt given us anything like a hard release date.

    Combine this with the approaching patreon payment on august 1st, animos new habit of deleting comments, the lack of back and forth communication (particuarly what he means by ‘soon’ or ‘nearly finished’)…

    I must admit, the conspiracy nuts look like they may actually be right.

    Im feeling like animo might be the little boy who cried wolf.

    Theres some chance he may actually NEED an august release date, but because of the number of delays and “nearly finished” posts, not many are going to believe him if it does come to that.

    • I fully agree with your assessment, there have been other posters who claim to have working knowledge of this kind of animations. And they too, agree that a lot of the posts and delays show signs of either amateur experience or purposeful delays, of which at least with the former a proper announcement would do a lot to help him save face from the amount of people interested in his work but are exposed to his frequent delays and flippant nature about it.

      On the actual patreon page, everything is behind paywall now, so you can take that as you like when trying to get a better picture of where this creators head (and ego) is at. But from the latest animo post on there (Jul 22) his $8-$20 patrons are receiving an ‘Update on Rendering’. So, the next update post we get might be along the lines of ‘hey everybody, last scene is rendered I just gotta add sound and music and it’ll be just about done so I’m gonna need just a day or two to do it, i want it to be just perfect for everybody! can’t say exact date but it’s definitely soon! (maybe end of the month, or just about the day after )’

    • “My life doesn’t revolve around horse wangs, let me prove it by writing a 300+ word post full of horseshit.”
      Well mine kinda does, so let me top that

      Let’s look at the facts – time between EP2 and EP3 was over 6,5 months. But you say 6 months are a reasonable timeframe, but 7 are too much. Mmmmkay. What a mindblowing difference indeed.

      A month usually has 4 weeks, so 3rd week of May + 2 weeks =half of June, not late June….aww the maths…

      The May estimate was for the start of the rendering – so it wouldn’t be released in late June, just started rendering. It’s safe to say that would pass the end of June. And since there’s no difference in Patreon payments with release on 1st of July or 30th of July, why not listen to the fans and add more content in that time? So we got 2nd cumshot, and a cum fountain…oh wait, spoiler alert. You don’t know these things because you’re not really a supporter, right…
      But yeah, unless you have a supercomputer to hire, there’s no help with the liquid “issues”, it’s not a problém like there’s something broken, it’s just there’s a lot of it and lots of work.

      As far as I know, there was never a hard RELEASE window. He’s just saying he will tell you 2-3 days in advance…and you somehow translate it to “release is in 2-3 days”. Cause, you know what they say, never attribute to people’s stupidity what can be explained by that they used a google translator.
      It’s rather funny how you disproved yourself in a few sentences:
      “…we finally got a hard release window…”
      “…still hasnt given us anything like a hard release date…”
      So…did he, or did he not? Or is it fluid, to suit the particular conspirators theory at the moment?

      People are just repeating lies over and over, hoping they will come true by more people naively believing them. Like those comments magically disappearing under the”older comments” button, they surely must be removed.
      Sounds like what a Trump supporter would do

    • Gotta say tellingitlikeitis, it is very refreshing to see someone finally understanding just how much Animo milks his suckers…. I mean Patrons….. yeah, totally. So glad I haven’t spent a dime on this.

      Also to anyone who wants the Patreon “bonus content” but want to pay for it there are torrents up, enjoy

  10. this guy receives $14,000 a month from his followers… not one thousand not two thousand…. 14,000…. a MONTH… but still late on releasing work / projects… doesn’t even put out stuff frequently….. wow reminds me of lead guy from affect3d being 1 year late…. on the GF4ver project… these “animators” just stealing at this point…. lawls

    • Do you pay him those 14 000 a month to get it done at a certain deadline?
      Cause if not, I don’t see how is he “late”. You came too soon. Just like in life

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