Ok, here’s a little update on EP4 releasing date – i will need couple more days to finish it, cause the ending scene is very long, with complicated “liquid simulations”.
I will give an “official” release date here, when i will start working on the sounds (1-2 days for this job).

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      • They should just put the links on that other content somewhere visible.
        Like when you come to the site and there’s the big button “Yes, I’m 18 years of age or older” – right next to it it would say “No, I can’t recognize quality work, give me some 240p animations from the last decade”.
        Then it would redirect all the crybabies to those sites and ban them for life.

        TBH, not sure why Animo doesn’t just release some test render from may as “ep4” to the freeloaders, they can’t possibly tell the difference anyway.
        This is like those kids crying over a wrong color of the iPhone they got for christmas…except that Animo waits instead, and actually gets them the right color, even though he must endure half a year of their whining about having no iPhone. Bad parenting

    • +1
      Most patrons stick to actually posting on Patreon anyways, and if Animo closed down the comments here then maybe I’d get better at actually logging into my patreon account and checking up on various blibber-blabber.

      • Lol Finally someone who admits to being one of Animo’s many cash cows. Tell me how it feels to be milked?

        • It’s certainly better having money to spend on good artists, than being a poorfag crybaby jealous at the sight of someone giving or receiving them
          But please, don’t close the comments…even people on Patreon already noticed and are now making fun of the idiots that whine here, it’s a great source of fun!

          • It’s also great fun getting Patreon content for free elsewhere. I think you guys have a “traitor” among you but that’s cool, just means I don’t have to pay a dime to see “bonus content” that the sheep brag so much about.

    • He need 1-2 days when he start the work on sound. The EP is not finished or the ending. Also the rendering must be finished.
      I think the release is sometime in Aug.
      Yes we waiting so long but I think the ep will be great

    • “the bomb will explode 1-2s after clicking this button”
      3 hours later nothing happens…I guess now it’s safe to click it, right?
      Dumb mexicans.

  1. People on here are nothing but fucking cry babies now jesus christ i hope he sells the video for 59.99 and then rick rolls the free video how pissy can someone be that it takes a little longer if i didnt know better most of you are acting like your the one who has been fucking by the horse cock

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