Ok, i’m still working on the ending scenes. There’s gonna be two final-cumshot scenes in EP4, so it’s gonna be awesome looking. I will try to post couple of pictures later, cause right now i’m non-stop working at the ending scenes.
P.S. EP4 is gonna be released with sounds at the same day. In case anyone asking.

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    • But do try to be more consistent with your updates to let the people know. An update every two or three days just to tell people to wait even longer seems to breed much hate. Why not use this space in between to communicate with your audience? A Q&A segment or something of the sort. Simple enough that you can focus on your work and/or this video, but still something to keep people looking and knowing that you haven’t completely disappeared, yeah? Just a suggestion is all.

      • As some of the recent updates have well above 100 comments and the last poll more than 400 I believe communicating with the audience on a regular and detailed basis would prove too time-consuming. This is a one-man-project after all and if I’m not mistaken we know literally nothing about the person behind animopron. With his skillset he propably has a regular job, not to speak of social life, hobbies (we can expect he’s a gamer of some sort) or even family. Considering all this I think he (or she… nah, jk) is doing more than fine with the frequency of updates and amount of information we’re given.

      • Don’t hijack messages you filthy anon cunt. And quit whining you pathetic fuck. You dont trust him? fine gtfo. He does not need to update you every 3 minutes to tell you if he went to the bathroom. He will release. Grow the fuck up. Do something with your life.

        • Why the hostility? Yeah you might have found a comment irritating, but there are better ways to handle it. I can only imagine that you are irritated with Anon #2, as Anon #3 expressed their opinion in a mature fashion. You Anon #4 acted worse though. Anon #2 was asking to get to know the mind behind the videos a bit better, Anon #3 explained that Animopron might not have the time and gave examples as to why, but you just resorted to open hostility. Yes, as good as Animoprons videos are, we can’t really ask them for much else. But when a person does, there is no need to blow one’s top because of it. Be a better person and others might respond in kind, be a dick and others will just respond with angry cunt messages right back at you.

  1. on the same day? today? or when u post pics? great work and all animo but the wait is making me crazy. cant wait!

    • good lord!!! he means he will release the video with audio, unlike previous releases that he did video only and then added the audio. the wait is not just making you crazy. it’s making you stupid, too.

  2. Lmao! Called it! The Patreon suckers are gonna feel the bite yet again come July 1st. Milking another paycheck out of those too stupid to withdraw before the first of the month, it’s hilarious!

    Keep milking the fools Animo! This is great!

    • Who cares if he does if i was in shoes i would not even release it free same day id wait 90 days after minimum and then i would probably only release a trailer free and keep the full scene behind a pay wall so in all reality he aint milking anyone for the money he could get and im guessing in a year a studio will see his work and hire him and you wont get anymore of this material anymore not with this quality so enjoy it while you got it because its extremely limited hes a one man band people will come knocking

        • Dude, Zone works with the Skullgirls team and that dude was famous for making porn of your beloved anime and cartoons (and still is). Just because he made porn does not mean that’s all he’ll do, it just means he’s skilled at 3D animation and that’s what gets you a job.

  3. That’s a great news… Once again, take your time. Thanks for your hard work.. we know a good quality art need time to be realised.

  4. My my, such hostility in the comments. I wonder what it is that inspires such anger. I mean, it can’t just be because some people post some annoyingly obvious things or are asking too much. If that were the case then simply explaining why you disagree would suffice! Unless those angry posters are actually children who don[t know any better, i might start to believe that the only way to act like an adult is to respond to anything different with overwhelming hostility! Honestly people, is this any way to act? Perhaps you don’t deserve such content for free……

    • Can’t help how people act, some might be trolling some might be serious. But I must say reading all the comments on animopron updates is pretty entertaining, sad thing is they are all most likely adults acting like children.

      • It’s depressing that some people refuse to even act like they are a decent person. Instead people seem to be content to hate everything else and lash out. We are a disgusting species.

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