Ok, so EP4 is on rendering right now
It’s not a fast process, but i will start posting some updates, from rendered parts of video.

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  1. Fuck. Yes.

    Quick question since I’m not too familiar with your “mode of operation”: Will you release it instantly for everyone, or first for your patrons and some time later for the rest of us?

  2. Is it going to have the voice acting and upgraded sound that you talked about for part 3? If not, I honestly don’t mind waiting longer if you’d like to still do that

  3. Animo. You are a fantastic disgner, a great animator and we trust in you I think you have a good ending 4 the last ep and lara is done with the fvcking horse

      • Haha look, her pussy, mouth and ass are destroyed yes lara with horse 2 is greatful, but it’s time 4 new shit. Maybe in 3-4 years lara will be return

  4. Thank you! I have wondered about reason for delay in updates, but now I know
    I cannot wait for release! I hope it will be already with sound… In fact, I WILL NOT download this part without voice of Lara. I am completely serious…

    • I don’t know any of the specs for his rig or the length of the video but Ive personally had 15 minutes vids in 720p take 6 hours to render to give you an idea as to how long the process takes

    • If this is the longest video, let’s say it is over 30-40 minutes or even an hour. It should take between triple/quadruple video time. Those are heavy HD videos.

  5. Dear Animo,
    About “Genre topic” since a sh*tload of comments in there:
    Have you heard about movies with Dark Elf? (Dark blue skin, a bit sweaty, big breasts and butt) fucked by a giant, similar to Hell Knight from Doom 3)
    You could make a female with similar figure.

  6. This is why I don’t give him money, mainly because he gets 20 time what infanteers get and because at first it was “Oh middle of April it will be done!” Here we are at the end of MAY and I bet it won’t be released by the 5th of May. Guaranteed, this *Thing* makes too much money for him to release it straight away, he will put up pics of it for about a week to ensure his monthly 10k then put up a 10 minute video with 4 Mins of names of donators at the end, When people like UnidentifiedSFM put up 10 minutes in less than a month, seriously, go see his work if your into the whole The Last of Us stuff but, I digress, This guy is paid too much for what he does, he gives teenagers and adults(god forbid) a videogame character being penetrated by a horse in a 1 minute long .GIF File, followed by another .GIF then another and another, Then takes 120k a year from you guys ? Holy fuck talk about thinking with your dicks… Anyway I’m outta here, have fun touching yourself in your parents basements and wiping semen all over your table you rancid little debachries

    • Before any sweaty bollocks comment that the 5th of May is past, THINK, it was meant to say the 5th of June, and I stand by this guy, he’s fuckin right!

    • Mainly because you’re jealous that he gets paid well for his job? Well that’s a new level of sad
      Yeah, impatient people were asking for release date multiple times a day, if you’re really holding it for months, no wonder you’re so grumpy
      It should have been a short EP in April, instead of that we’re getting the longest one yet, whenever it’s done. EP3 was 20min in over 6 months, so even if the release would be in July, it’s still a progress!
      And don’t get me even started on SFM guys, that’s enough maybe for watching on your phone, but it’s nowhere as detailed as Animo’s work…

  7. Alright…. I’m not trying to be offensive or grumpy in any way but dude Does this guy have a Pentium 4 or what? My $500 work station can process huge rendering in two days or less. I mean come on, i know there’s allot of work done there but it should NEVER take over 2 days and its not out yet.

  8. Lol. He never said its the ending render. Hes still working on it. The only thing he renders are the first parts of ep 4. So the release is not at the beginning of june.

    • That’s why I think so many people are pissed not because he earns so much money, but because he’s not being straightforward with what he’s doing. Release date? “When it’s finished”. How much time to render? “…”
      Yes, in the end those people (including me) are gonna get it for free. Should I still be pissed about the vague posts he makes? Definitely.

      • I see what your coming from like at least inform your followers what’s going on don’t just leave them pissing I the in the wind in my opinion that’s not good business management and people complain say u guys are impatient just let him finish but if you’re not giving feed back they are just gonna get more angry and make the problem worse

  9. I agree with ??. I see it this way, I’m a chef, if I were to run my restaurant the way he/she is handling this release I would be out of business. I dispize when guests come in with special requests or, what I find to be obnoxious questions. Just like I’m sure he/she hates all the questions on here. However I oblige and/or answer any questions they have with a smile because they pay my bills. Granted not all of us on here, including myself, are patrons but some are. And they pay his/her bills just like those obnoxious guests at my restaurant pay mine. So there is some level of customer service you have to put up with to keep the masses happy and your power bill paid. Sorry for the long and drawn out response, just wanted to put in my 2 cents.

    • It’s hardly comparable, but imagine a chef like Gordon Ramsay – he doesn’t have to cook anything for months and still gets paid He’s not living from hand to mouth, just to keep his power bills paid, so there’s a room for creativity and quality instead of following one deadline after another.
      Animo isn’t paid for his “products” – Patreon even allows you to set payments to happen after every release, but no, he’s paid on monthly basis, by users that decided to support him.
      And guess what, he does read and often answer and realize quite a lot of suggestions from patreon. You can’t please everyone, though. Imagine that you would get special requests from people who aren’t planning to pay at your restaurant…
      And I’m not even starting on those stupid people who come with stuff like “oh, he takes so long because he wants to squeeze out more money”. There’s zero difference in his monthly payments if he releases something in April or in June.

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