Update 2

Ok, in a 1 hour, i will start rendering the composed project in After Effects. It will take around 1 more hour. Then, i will start encoding a different versions of it, and uploading.

Also, if someone will make a .torrent file then – you can send it on my email, so i will post it for everyone on the main page.

P.S. The full lenght of EP3 is almost 17 minutes.

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  1. Ep 1+2 together are 12 minutes. Hope those 17 minutes are actually full of action, because if they are then looking at the previews man the wait will have been worth it. No sound is a bit of a disappointment but eh, HMVs work pretty damn well without sound too. Hope Ep 4 finishes with a nice facial because I really loved how utterly drenched the girls got in the horse blowjob and Ellie animations

  2. Animo, I can’t thank you enough! Really, I can’t! Thank you for everything you’ve done so far and looking forward to your future works!

  3. Thanks for all your work, I like some are disappointed that there is no sound, will the sound version be released before or after episode 4?
    oh and happy new year

  4. You see, The reason im not a $25 donator is because i work my ass off 6am – 5pm 350 days a year for my money, This guy…Has had 6 months to make this (i get it really takes time n effort to animate stuff this complex) yet no sound has been added? I mean $96,000 a year he makes ATM, More than most Doctors make and they SAVE LIVES, He could double this if he hired a Female animator willing to double as voices (or use sound from games :/), thats still $5,500 a month for double the output AND happier “customers” but he stays solo? I cant tell if its greed or embarrassment to advertise himself as a 3D XXX Adult Animator, ill let you decide, But i digress, Your work is impressive, Dare i say Jaw dropping?, but until at least a duo/trio are working to get these out, I shall keep a tight fist around my money. You are a great Animator Animo, Keep it up and please do EP3 with sound before EP4 or what other “Spank Bank Projects ” you have in mind! P.S People who hate on this comment, Free speech and Opinions are allowed in this world (unless your North Korean )

    • Well when you start a porn animation company I guess you can decide how to run it. Maybe he has no interest whatsoever in being the boss of people? May he is a reclusive introvert?
      Jumping immediately to “You need to work harder for your money” without knowing any of his story is a little offensive.
      How about “I love the work you do” Instead of all the critsism that comes out of this board.
      If this was me doing these vids I would say FU to all of you and pack up shop.
      And your right, you are entitled to your opinion no matter how awful and unwarrented it may be.

    • Shocking comment really.. why do you think you have the right to say what Animo should do with this work & money? Are you producing animations to his standard, or any for that matter. You should really keep those opinions to yourself, especially when you describe yourself as tight fisted… what a joke.

  5. AnonymousAnnoyedGuy Well, you really hit the bitter truth there and first of all I would like to point out I’m not trying to get negative at Animopron and his work. So about that statement Most doctors don’t get that much yes that is sadly true and it is at a critical state in our country both parents are doctors and we not make $96000 a year but around like $9600 a year with lots of taxes cool huh? And 3 children in the family so what is the meaning of this story? The world gone to hell and don’t be a doctor don’t be anything that would help the society, why? Because it’s lost!

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