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  1. I would definitely love to see the whole thing from Quiet’s POV as well; like an optional re-release once the final version has already come out.

  2. More and more I get the feeling that Animo is a woman, who loves horses very much. Every time she takes a moment for her own pleasure, like women do. We see that now as the interrogator and we have seen that before as Lara.

    • In that case I hope she´ll take care what she´s practicing herself, otherwise it´s the end of these animations.

  3. I really like the 2nd shot, the closeups are nice, but sometimes you need distance to appreciate what’s happening The value is added by not even making it the main point of focus.

    I really hope the chair on which Quiet is will be rocking and moving to show the power of the thrusts…
    The thing holding up the horse’s front legs could break to make his body land on Quiet, smashing the chair to pieces.

    Quiet doesn’t even look impressed…

      • Oh yeah.
        Maybe that stool could break first to demonstrate the strenght being put into the moves.
        Then Quiet gets bent over some more solid support which won’t give way when the horse weights in. Like the bar, but it’s higher, so the horse will need to be standing on something as well. I can actually see that on the very left part of the image.
        And then the thing for front legs breaks, the horse falls forward (and falls from the crate) and plunges balls deep into Quiet’s pussy which was until that moment only able to take like 1/4 of the length. The bar is firm and won’t move, so the only way down and forward is through Quiet’s soft insides…
        Might be a nice end for part 1, as she passes aw…I mean, out, and needs some reviving (water and sunlight will do, if I remember correct), the Interrogator then decides to use some other hole instead.

        • So the 2nd part could start with Quiet waking up to her throat being filled by horse piss (it’s a liquid so it would work, right )

  4. Hurry the fuck up nigger! Stop milking the patreons nigger! Fuck the nigger that replies to this comment nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So basically in this episode we’ll get to be a woman. Meh, I’d rather have a 3rd person view like in LWH.
    Also, I don’t understand why you said this part was finished. Is it gonna be released part by part, or only when the whole thing is finished? But yeah, I’m not expecting any answer about timings or dates.

    • yeah 3rd person will be so cool … that femdom look hot & i wish she also get action with the horse.
      meh he doesn’t give few min from his time to his fans anymore ┐( ˘_˘)┌

  6. PLEASE have the horse pull his cock out to show her gaping vagina and cervix. We need to see the damage that’s being done to her internally

        • Sure.

          Right now, we are discussing a few endings.

          1. The horse will pull out and cum in a bucket (because liquid gives Quiet power and Animo wants to save the cumshot for later)

          2. The horse or the interrogator flips Quiet into a different position and then the scene will end and pick up in part two…

          Those are just two of a ton of ideas the community is discussing with Animo.

          The reason why these animations take so long is because, he/she is SOOOOO involved and active in the community.

  7. Man, this guys’ been working on the same project for 7 months? Not gonna lie, that’s kinda impressive.

    • It’s talking so long because he is constantly talking to the community and letting their input steer the animation story.

      If he just worked on it with posted updates it would only take 3 months or so

  8. There are two girls and a horse, so if there’ll be anal, it’ll be a crime not adding ass to other girl’s mouth (ATM) in this. Because Quiet is being dominated by the Interrogator, she’s the one should taste the deepest part of the ass juice from that horse’s cock. : )

  9. Please, give us her true creamy white juice orgasm from her vagina,

    …not that popular squirt, which is urine form peehole and too much peoples thinks and believes thats girls juices

    Most girls have less juice, som of them have extremly much, but every time girl’s juice of orgasm from pleasure, is slimy creamy yummy flow from VAGINA… not the water urine, extremely pressurized from bladder and narrow peehole, that is why a thin pressure stream is possible, cause peehole is narrow and u can have more than pint of urine in bladder, for that is possible pressure stream to this far for relative long time, that’s physics, but it is urine, not orgasm VAGINAL juice of girls

    And sorry for my bad english.
    Thank you.

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