Some new render from ending of EP2

Right now i’m polishing some last things, such as cameras and other stuff – i will start rendering the ending scene in a days.

Since all the basic stuff is ready – here you can check out some nice render with stomach bulge


Also, you can check out a little teaser render with cum, if you are patron.


P.S. The whole creampie scene is pretty long, and it’s going to be the best 3d-creampie scene, that i ever made. It looks really awesome

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  1. I can not stand I’m going to explode when I see the picture and sound so that gif sexy for when the final videos? before Thursday? or after

  2. Love me a good bulged stomach like that, better have it last some time and not change from that scene to another within seconds

  3. I recall in April you said it was going to be released that month. We are now in Mid June. A few weeks ago you said here is a final render before the release however 3 more renders followed after that. Goodbye

    • Is that strange or something? If i have something to post here – of course i will do that, since the whole project isn’t ready. Of course, i can post some “last” preview, and then spend like 10 days without any updates, cause i CAN’T SAY exactly when it’s going to be ready.

      When it was April, i was planning to do a “standart” 2-3 minutes lenght animation. Then i’ve changed my mind, and decided to create something longer. Right now it’s 8 minutes long.

      It takes me about 1 month, to finish 1,5 minutes of animation project. Then you can count it up, and compare it to my previous projects.

      I don’t get this “goodbye” thing, cause my releases are free to use, and you don’t need to do anything, to watch the complete animation. If you are my patron – then you are free to quit supporting me at any minute.

      • Don’y listen to him. All the previews look awesome and these last few weeks spent perfecting everything will no doubt be worth it. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. For the person who mentioned April release, It is a common strategy for designers on Patreon to showcase updates to hype it up and bring in more supporters to make more money. Take a look on Animopron’s Patreon page. Everyday he is making more and more money hyping up episode 2. The common strategy is to release it when patreons slow down or withdraw support then the release will come out. So for the last person to post you are not too bright to realize this is just a way to make money but you are probably right and this ep2 won’t get released in June but probably in July or early August.

    • Number of my supporters doesn’t affect on releasing date or something. If you are look closely on last updates, you will understand that this is the final part of animation. It’s definetely going to be released in this month.

    • I hope not asking the videos as late otherwise it would be really bad. and in addition it should be more of a hurry to get out that more people see his work in places to wait for the boss.

  5. I’m still OK with waiting but got to be honest, it’s pretty funny having him say “final/last” update before release weeks ago, then another final update, then another final update.

  6. I feel sorry for those that are holding back on fapping waiting for this. This will be a masterpiece, but damn, i want this now too.

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