Short info about sound

Just a short info.
As you know – i will compose all EP’s together very soon (with re-mastering of EP1 and EP2 – with smoother models, and better lighting, as in EP3-4).
So i will also improve sounds as well. Since EP4 was the first video with “live” actress, of course it wasn’t perfect. But this time we will make it much better, cause we have an experience.
So you can post your suggestions on sounds/voices. Thanks

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  1. She’s gotta put some emotion into it, hell, Lara’s getting railed by a cock as big as her arm, the way it sounded in EP3 was pretty fitting, when shes just taking it in her ass for like a minute. Im guessing these were soundfiles from the game or something, anyways they sound fitting, she sounds uncomfortable but like shes actually into whats happening to her.

    EP4, as much as i prefer that girl over no sound at all, fell flat in comparison, she sounds like a girl thats playing with her pussy for the first time under her bedsheets. Compare that to the visuals of Lara getting viciously fucked, awesome ahegao face and all…it just doesnt fit. Props for the voice actress but shes really gotta get into character so to speak.

    Anyways, can’t wait for this, EP4 was still the best thing ever, remasters ftw.

    • We did record audio with lots of screams and grunts and moans, but when you put it all in the video it sounded rather repetitive when it drags on for almost 20 minutes, even with as much variety as one can put in to such things. Animo opted to use a more quiet approach like he did in the earlier episodes. He was rushed to get it done and didn’t have time to ask for any corrections. Sometimes the audio by itself sound great, then you add it to the video and think.. nope. that doesn’t work.

      I think we recorded more than three entire voiceovers for the whole video sometimes with multiple reactions to each scene so there would be lots to choose from. During this, myself, my wife and Animo all had different ideas of how Lara would react to each scene, so if there was such differences between the three of us, you can imagine what the fans would be like.

      I think if he didn’t announce a voice actress and let everyone continue to think he was using voice samples, then there would be no expectations to get disappointed over.

      We’re going to do a different approach this time that should be much better, and without time constraints we can perfect it.

    • I agree with you 100% but the voice acting for it is as difficult as making the video. Well maybe not but I never seen a good actress dubbing porn.

    Lara shy and mannered girl. She is not swear and not saying bad words, like “fuck me in my ass like dirty whore I am”. Yes, she like big horse cocks, but like a good girl she do it polite and propriety.
    Honestly sound in EP4 is far from perfection. She prolapse her anus but not farts? This is rediculous. Usually I don’t like a moans (because they always fake), but goddamn she was assfucked without mercy! So it definetely need more and intense moans, fartings and may be even little screams.

    • Oh, I forgot. You should add couple extra scenes and combine EP1-4 with “Lara Solo” and “LTB”. Lara with Horse 2 Directors Cut, you know what I mean.

      • That is a good idea…i actually have a video of that…starting with anal solo, selfie tit bounce then going into episodes 1-3 with the 1st sound test the actress did laid over it…pretty good if i don’t say so myself…again GREAT IDEA…remaster it like that

    • We’re not saying she needs to swear, we’re saying you make sounds when being railed by a cock as big as your body. It doesn’t matter how shy you are, you get pretty loud when something is extremely intense – and pleasure or pain these videos are definitely depicting something extremely intense.

    • I’m actually kind of sick of Harley Quinn. For a time, that’s all everyone was doing. Now Overwatch porn is flooding the space so I’m kind of sick of that too lol. As long as it’s not parodies of either of those two, I’m in.

      • I agree i actually never liked the Harley stuff in the first place. I’m real real into the marie rose from DOA stuff ALOT though. shes so damn hot with the common voice that’s used for most of her sfm’s aswell.

  3. A third vote for making the girl get into it more. If you just listen to the sound and not watch the video, there’s no way you would guess this girl is having sex with a massive cock, that she’s in distress at some times as you can clearly see on the face in the video, or that she even has any trouble at all with this.

    This is better than nothing, definitely, but unless you get an actress to actually sound as if she’s being properly pounded just stick with the gamefile sounds or whatever it was you used previously.

    • We recorded several versions of each scene, some with softer reactions, some with intense reactions, screams, groans, grunts. When you put it in the video it starts to sound repetitive very quickly even with as much variation as one can act.
      Animo prefers less screaming and moaning for this reason. He also only had 3 days to do the sound and audio effects for a 20+ minute video with no time for corrections. We’re going to use a different approach without time constraints so it will be better, but it will still be much like the first 3 episodes with minimal screaming and moaning to avoid it being repetitive. This is what Animo wants for his videos.

      Announcing that he has a voice actress lets everyone have their own ideas of what she should sound like. Had he not announced it, there would be no expectations to disappoint. We can’t make everyone happy.

      • “This is what Animo wants for his videos.”
        – then why are you even asking for feedback if you’ll just leave it the same? I agree with the other people here, needs some screaming, loud yelling during fast fucking, final scenes with cumshots definitely need more vocalization and not just some pathetic quiet moaning as if she was fingered with a pinkie

        • It’s not that way – only thing i want – is to make as best voice-over, as possible. But i don’t want it to be “crazy” – with loud screams, on every horse “thrust”.
          We both made some mistakes, cause it was our first attemp of such thing (plus i was rushing really hard to release EP4 this time – all voice-composing was made in 1 day (!!!)). But for sure it’s gonna be much better with “improved” audio for complete LWH2 movie (which is 48 minutes long, btw).

          • Actually if you think of it realistically, the loud screams and whimpers only come at first – then they taper off as the girl is too tired to vocalize as vividly any more, only to be spiked up at the extreme happenings – first insertion, first time the collar thing goes in, and so on. Of course it sounds weird if it’s full energy through the entire clip – just as it sounds weird if it’s low energy through the entire clip. It has to vary. It has to be actual acting.

            And what is stopping you from releasing all those different voice overs on a low res version of the video, letting your actual patrons and perhaps even the public vote and give comments on which is the better ones. This is a crowd funded video after all, let the crowd speak.

  4. As sugestion for the next Project. I liked the video of Ellie getting fucked buy this ugly, Huge Cock, Guy.
    Maybe you could make a story out of this, like how she gets there and gets fucked over and over, mostly in Pussy with Huge Creampies. At the beginning she is uncomfrtable but at the time she is starting to get used to it. Possible is also an Creampie Gangbang with like 10 of those ugly guys.

  5. Less moaning, more screaming. more and much louder gape farting. Also, I criticized it before and I’ll do it again, the horse ejaculate is too much of a milk like consistancy. It needs to be much thicker. And she should have farted it out in gobs instead of streams.

    • Get real. If you hoped for more than 40 minutes you are delusional. The vast majority of us would have been happy with five minutes at this production quality (aside from the sound quality – better voice overs are luckily easy to fix in post.)

  6. I think there are two important moments when Lara should be afraid:
    1. when the horse steps on her hair
    2. when the collar is inserted into her ass
    Perhaps the audio could be improved to give that sense of panic with some shouting, but without forgetting the groans. A combination of both would be ideal, a mixture of suffering and pleasure. But no dirty words by Lara!

    On the other hand, there are some things I would have liked to see in the video and leave suggestions for future projects:
    1. Lara tried to get into the mouth fully erect cock and could not because of the enormous size.
    2. horse semen was more dense, sticky, dirty …
    3. Lara fondle / kiss flaccid cock horse before sitting beside him at the end of the video.
    Nor it would have been wrong that Lara was played a little more.

    Finally, personal requests:
    1. no female characters too young
    2. if there is a little history would be great, but I know it is impossible
    3. big cocks and if there are several better: an elephant, another horse, a pack of dogs / wolves, a giant gorilla, fantastic or mythological characters (minotaurs, centaurs, gargoyles, dragons, ogres, trolls, dwarves, demons, etc. ), aliens…

    • Several points from me about voice: Lara must scream from pleasure, when she cum hard and squirt on such a giant cock, not just groan. Her breath must become more and more ragged and her groans more high-pitched, in accordance with increasing speed of sex. And in the end, when she cum hard, that voice must be a voice of a woman in orgasmic throes.

      And yeah, i’m pretty much agree with doctorbp and his general suggestion
      “3. Lara fondle / kiss flaccid cock horse before sitting beside him at the end of the video.”
      Watching Lara kissing, fondling flaccid cock, and may be licking it a little in gratitude for such an amazing sex would be really hot. And if Lara will murmur contentedly while doing this, something like “mmmm”, it will be all better.

  7. She should say hestily No….No….Stop… during
    1. when horse step on her hair
    2. When cock ring goes into her ass.

  8. As great as a finale as this was the audio needs work and the voice actress needs to really get into the role or else better to use game sound files.

  9. there should have painful moments, like when the horse anally penetrate Lara for the first time. And if look for a voice, the better is Anastasia Snow.

      • Well, since Animo said “nothing too crazy”, I guess even a few “yes” and the average words you can find in any porno might be good.

      •  dialogue like *don’t fucking stop*, *tear my ass holes up* *give me that big fucking cock* *omfg its so big* the list goes on I mean she was getting impaled but I’d rather take that then no sound

      •  dialogue like *don’t fucking stop*, *tear my ass holes up* *give me that big fucking cock* *omfg its so big* the list goes on I mean she was getting impaled but I’d rather take that then no sound

  10. Great job on Ep. 4! It was awesome! Take that little vacation you were talking about, Animopron. You deserve it! Cant wait to see what comes next!

    • I looked them up. They even have a Lara video. Have you seen it? They recorded maybe 6 “pain” groans and grunts, some at different volumes that sounded out of place and repeated them throughout the video along with 5-6 more “pleasure” moans. It was good but wasn’t perfect either

      • To be fair, their Lara video was the only one they didn’t use a voice actress for because it was their first video and that was what got them their fans and enough interest to hire voice actresses for their next works. every video since then hasn’t used game samples but the Lara in trouble one did.

  11. Man, that was amazing endong for whole episode! You trurly deserve respect. And vacation
    Harley Quinn idea isn’t bad, You could make her look like Margot Robbie
    And, have You thought about next animation? Maybe it should contain multiple male characters? Gangbang with multiple penetrations? That could be fun

  12. Hey there animo, first off I just wanna say what an incredible piece of work you have created, simply beautiful. The only thing that is not on par with the rest is the sound from Lara. For someone taking a reaming like that, she should be losing her fricken’ marbles, let’s be honest. I was almost going to play a porno over the top just to get some emotion and ecstasy. It’s a fine line though and I know it can be tough to decide how much is enough and how much is too much. I think in this situation though, it’s safe to say, more is better

    • Also, perhaps Lara could say thing as well. Not anything over the top, just things like, ‘yes’ – ‘faster/harder’ or ‘oh my god’, stuff like that. I know she is talking to an animal and he obviously can’t udnerstand her, but personally it would be quite hot to hear and also an indication that she’s in total disarray.

  13. Audio-wise, you should match the intensity of the audio with the intensity of the visuals better. Make jizz-related sounds less ‘a nice afternoon bath’ and more ‘goopy boiling chowder’ (i.e. give the fluid more heft to it, as semen is more viscous than water). Think ejaculation sounds from the first Taimanin Asagi OVA series, where they had really thick sounds for the cumshots. There has to be more, uhh, ickyness to it so to speak. Also add in more details like panting, shaky breathing, more forceful gag sounds, and even short burps. Here’s a clip of particularly gratuitous vomiting, if you want a reference for what I’m proposing.

    Visually, the semen should also be more viscous, since right now it’s more like whole milk than cum. It should flow slower, come out in glops, generally behave more like a non-newtonian fluid, at least at the start. Think honey and lotion. As for both Lara and horse, also add in more subtle details like organs throbbing, uncontrollable trembling, etc. His cock would do better with more defined blood vessels, as well. Lara could also do with slightly bigger areolae, but that’s just me I guess.

    Otherwise, fantastic work. I’d say you should take that well-earned rest before moving forward with any further projects.

    • Addendum: BTW, I know the request for suggestions was for audio only, but I had a few ideas for the visuals and didn’t know where else to communicate it. Cheers.

  14. Hey Animo, I just want to write some suggestions to you. Don’t get me wrong I think you’re a genius, and was laughing hysterically at how brilliant you were during my premier viewing of ep4. The way you created the plot of having Lara putting herself in more and more danger in the pursuit of pleasure really kept me and the rest of the audience on the edge of our seats, I’ve never cared so much about the plot of a pornographic video before. I have a solution to your problem of not wanting to have the girl screaming her lungs out for the duration of the video, simply have her ball-gag herself so she can only moan in pleasure/pain. Another suggestion I have is to make the audio suitable for slow-mo (I’m not sure the terminology), make it so it doesn’t stutter when speed it reduced, this way you could put slow-motion scenes into your final cut or allow interested parties the ability to do it themselves either with the unity release or video players. Another thing discussed by the fans is what kind of damage she would sustain from this beast, I was thinking you could put some petechiae (google it) and bruises up to her chest, this would temporary because it’s obvious that Lara (or any girl that survives taking a cock that size) is a superhero with healing powers or something. It’s a shame she didn’t die, some of the comments got my hopes up, don’t be afraid of making your animations gory most of us expected blood when he pulled out anyway. Anyway let us know what the patreons decide for the next animation the rest of us are impatient already!

  15. Why not just use Lara’s VA clips from the game like you did for the other ones? Those are great, she is in pain throughout most of that game anyway. It feels much more authentic that way. Never understood why, when people make these sort of things, they look to other VAs when the sound clips for the character are already there. Ditch the VA, was better before with Lara’s original voice.

  16. Indeed, when you do not want the screaming and such the whole time, you can solve that with slow-motions parts when it gets heavy. That way you increase the happening without to much noise. Furthermore, during slow-motion you can better show the moving bulge in her body by the flared horsedick and that makes this video very special.

  17. Overall, I’d say about 60% of this was well made. With about 20% of that being far better than any of the previous stuff. Some of the effects added in post were nicely done and helped the overall scene. Other parts definitely detracted from it, like the plenty of instances with hair clipping, characters joints all messed up and clipping (the last scene her knees are in her arms, and commentors pointed that out, I thought you were taking time to get this stuff just right?), better environment details could’ve been switched out since it isn’t being rendered in realtime. Lara’s enticing the horse to other positions in ep4 were lacking compared to ep3.

    The audio was lackluster, since this is a “parody” video, there should be no legal reasons why clips of audio couldn’t be copied from existing video on the internet of girls doing large dildo insertions. It was clear the currently hired voice talent isn’t familiar with such things.

    IDK man, I donated $8 , and if the next project is simply another 5 months of rerendering the past videos with 4 of those months spent doing fluid sims, I don’t think I can support that. I think I’ll check back in December and see what’s up. Best of luck, I hope you keep improving Animo.

  18. I just think she needs to match Lara’s voice more.
    You can clearly tell the difference on her voice in Episode 3 and 4. She needs to kind of capture Camilla’s voice a bit more. I guess going mind blank as it goes on helps too, considering that’s what her reaction is around the last few minutes.

  19. The biggest mistake with the audio was adding the VA in episode 4, why bother doing that when you’ve already had 3 episodes with no VA and just sound files?

  20. The sound was good, the only I thing I thought that was, for the lack of a better word bad. It’s that the sound of episode 4 was similar to episode 3-2-1. When obviously you can see that she doesn’t want to try anal and it happens by “accident”. My personal opinion is that it should be a bit louder, not much just a bit with a touch of agony if that’s possible, which I think it is since you are using voice actresses. That was the only disappointment I had from episode 4. The moans where to few and to quite for anal penetration from a horse cock. And sure I understand perfectly that you can not please everyone and that you had to rush it but still. It’s anal, and she used a cock ring to prevent it from going to deep. And even when the horse moved further in than the cock ring the moans didn’t change much. Overall great work and in one word my suggestion is agony. Put a bit of agony/pain in her voice and it would be perfect.
    Sorry for my bad English. Much appreciated in advance if you take in consideration my comment.

  21. Ep 4 sounded nothing like 3-1 ep 2 n 1 sounded good but ep3 is where the sound started to slowly go not that the blow job sounds aren’t good he got that its the moans they didn’t sound the same they sounded like someone else in ep4 and no farts fart sounds are needed in ep4

  22. Forget using a voice actress, that’s what ruined it for me. She doesn’t sound like Lara and that’s part of the point of the fantasy isn’t it?

    Just go back to using game samples, there must be a million appropriate grunts, screams and moans in there from all the times she gets the shit pasted out of her in the last two games.

  23. Thanks a lot to you creators!)) Very much it was pleasant to me the 4th series, it more taken, I Hope you you will work for continuation with other heroine and with her favourite horse further.

  24. Since these videos are released as mp4, would it perhaps be possible to chapterize these videos, lets say, a minute or so before each orgasm or important happening?

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