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    • Yes, this release will be the one without sound.
      As his previous post explained, the next on the agenda now is to combine all three episodes of Lara with Horse 2, and at the same time remaster all of the audio, so the final episode that’s being released in a couple of days will get audio at that point.

      • Sara, Episode 3 is not the “final episode”. EP4 is the next scene which will be anal oriented. I guess that might be the “final” episode. So it will not be “in a couple of days”. But dont get me wrong. I would rather see EP 3 released without sound than have to wait for everything to finish.

  1. I’m not sure what you mean by “half-official”, and it’s a shame that the episode won’t have any sound at all, but I’m okay with it. If you’re going to combine all episodes of Lara with Horse 2 with new audio, then I’m sure we can wait.

    …as long as it doesn’t take another 8 months. xD Keep up the good work, Animo!

  2. I confess I was a little disappointed to know that the video has no sound, but the wait for this video was long, so I will try to enjoy it even without audio, thanks man, keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Animo, thanks for putting as much time as you do into these animations. It is a little disappointing that you’re releasing the video incomplete, as compared to the other videos that have sound, it is. However,I understand that you’d rather wait for the next ep to be finished. You’ve stated before that the voice actress version will be patrons only. Will the final, complete version of ep 2 only be available to patrons then?

  4. I’m actually considering to take time out of my week and make a sound version for myself. Haha. The difficulty is syncing everything with his animation. Won’t be as good as the sound in the first two episodes (no lipsync).

  5. On my Birthday and in time for New Years. This is going to be great! Fantastic work as always and I hope that soon I will be able to become a patreon. Thanks for a great gift!

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