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  1. Just stumbled across AnimoPron and his Lara with Horse 2 video…. changed my life…. Anybody know where to get more videos even close to this quality… cause i cant find it!

  2. I do not like anything stains on the face. Does anyone explain to me what they are due? I do not meet the character of Quiet.

    I hope she not has it permanently.

    • Wikipedia quote: “After undergoing the parasite treatment, the language of the parasite being English, Quiet developed a large quantity of new superhuman abilities while black markings appeared on her skin, primarily around her eyes. These blotchy markings could vanish and reappear either at will or at a time where she was using her powers and as a response to insults, intense dangers or near death.”

  3. Love the face, its cute but not super-model beautiful. Which is good, and gives her a more “girl next door” look.

  4. Please make the horse have massive balls that have been tied up for a year so the cum inflation would be twice the sizecompared to lwh

  5. Don’t like much her face.. is too androgin and adult.. prefer Lara.. and even more a HarleyQuin like face.
    Definitly prefer blue eyes.
    Hope it can be done some change to make her look a bit more innocent and young..

  6. Hi, Animo, I really enjoy your work, you re awesome. I just wanted to know if they re will be some fart fetish in that scene? it can be fun, i’m a really addicted to fart. kiss animo

    • like I told a fella in some other post… if you are so into farts… get a microphone, record your farts, build a flash soundboard with your recorded fart sounds. wait for Animo’s release, fap using right hand, use left hand to click on your assortment of fart sounds. voilá!

  7. I am stoked for those ink blots. Wouldn’t be quite without them. Quite is pretty hot and I hope you use those ink blots correctly. Cause when she in pain they better be on her face lol

  8. Oh come on, people!
    That’s what Quiet looks like, that’s what her body looks like.
    Will everyone quit it with the big boobs and shit?? Its so off character, no one wants freak monster boobs.

  9. I’ve never played the particular game series so I had to look up who Quiet was. Given that, I actually like the ink blots around the eyes. Without them, she would look sort of like a doppelganger of Lara Croft. Even with the eye stuff, she still sort of does but hopefully her personality will better distinguish them.

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