Optional download topic for EP3

Ok, release is gonna be in a few days

Also, i will release this episode without sound for now. I will remaster all “audio” anyway , after all EP’s will come out (next EP is the last one) and i will composed all episodes together.

When i was releasing EP2 before, this site is become unavailable, due to overload. So, here’s an optional topic, where i will also post download links. So you can bookmark this link and use it, if you will not be able to load animopron.com at the day of release.

Also, if you want to download a special patron-only version in 1080p – there’s still time to become a patron



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29 Responses

  1. OK WHAT?
    No Sound, Why?
    If it is not released with sound then don’t release it, the other episodes had more impact because of Lara’s voice

    • It’s without sounds for NOW. Of course i will add them, but after i will finish the last EP. There’s no reason of doing it now, since i want to hire a voice actress, so she can voice up Lara’s character for the whole LWH2 movie. I don’t want to use those lame overused “moans” again, like i did on the EP2.

      • Are the janky animations of the earlier parts going to be re-worked?
        Part I is borderline unwatchable due to braking joints etc.

      • surly though you can simply use those “moans” again for now and release the full movie with the actress.
        Don’t get me wrong I think your work is great but releasing it without sound is worse than releasing it with glitches in my opinion

  2. Without sound? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s half of the video! I don’t care when you release it anymore or that it’s for free. Finish the sound you bum!

  3. Dont listen to the haters, you’re doing great work and its understandable to release it without sound if you expect to hire someone for it later. No use in doing the same work twice right?

    • It’s smart to use the old sounds now and use the voice actress sounds latter think how long ep4 might take not only that he got to find a voice actress and I can’t speak for everybody who pledged but I’m pretty sure they won’t be happy and Animo might get alot more patreon people to get him to his mile stones but hay if hall disagree with me oh well its just my opinion

    Stop. You’re being unrespectful and this hurts.
    Also, if you rather wait for seeing the episode with sound… then JUST WAIT. It’ll be sooner than you think, because I’m sure someone else will add canned sounds and release it.
    Animo is doning an incredible job and looks like he’s pouring massive amounts of time in those videos.
    And lastly, if you really want to condition his choices, put your wallet where your mouth is and go express your opinions in the patron-only posts on patreon’s page.

    • These comments was expected of course, and it’s totaly fine
      I am reading all comments of course, but i’m not that kind of a guy, who will getting upset cause of 5-6 negative messages.

  5. I just think it wouldn’t hurt to add sounds even if it were the same moans and slapping sounds. Completely understand that he wants to remaster all his episodes soon, but having no audio would hurt this episode in the end. Spending 2-3 hours adding audio wouldn’t hurt the release at all, its not exactly something from a studio or voice actress. Pretty vague with your release date; soon/in a few days usually means a week or two; but yes I understand english isn’t your first language and thats alright.

    • Believe me, it’s not “2-3 hours”, it’s even not a 2-3 days. It’s a very long animation, longer, than 1+2 eps mixed together. Again: in my opinion – it’s better to release EP3 without sounds at all (for now), than to release it with these low-quality moans again.

      • That’s a shame, but we’ll understand. Just don’t keep us waiting longer than we need to xD
        I joke, you take the time you need, you hear?

  6. No sound for the Patreon version either then?

    At the end of the day it’s up to you, but I don’t think it’s that unexpected that people are a little disappointed by this. I’m sure it’ll all be good once you finish everything and remaster the sound and all that though. Looking forward to that version when it eventually hits.

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