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  1. Welp. I called it; later this week. It’s not really “soon”, now is it?

    Anywho, you seem confident this time, so I’ll stop behaving like a prick and instead say; Yay! I’m looking forward to it, man!

  2. Thanks Animopron. If you can even release it sooner you should so you can shut up all those people who wrote negative comments on the last post.

  3. Glad to hear, certainly not a huge delay like some sods are complaining.

    You’d think those guys don’t understand that stuff like this takes time, and that sometimes personal stuff has to take priority over a project.
    Not that it will stop some I suppose, always going to be a bunch of the ‘me, me, me’ types who don’t care about the creator.

    • MattDark you’re stupid. People weren’t complaining because it was taking too long or that animopron wasn’t prioritizing this project. They were complaining because there were endless final update(s) before releases and a lot of holes in the reasons for the delays.

    • No more hype! He said it WILL be released this Friday the 26th. No more “will be released soon” or “final update before release”. Let’s just hope he is a man of his word this time.

    • Maybe something will come up. “My computer was getting hot and had to cool it down” or “have to just finish this one thing on the sound design” LOL

  4. It is released when its released. Im actually surprised how ungrateful some ppl are. Hes working alone for fucks sake. Its like he owes you something. And im pretty sure those who complain, arent even patrons.

      • Stop fuckin lying. Non of his patron would react like that. If you were a patron, then you definetly cancel the support. But im pretty sure youre one of those fuckin assholes who complain and dont even pay for shit. I myself cant pay him but i also dont complain about the release. Its dont when its done.

        • What the fuck are you on about? I am a patron because he does good, niche work and i want to see more of said work in the future. Im also not a fucking 13 year old who is gonna ragequit on being his patron at the first sign of trouble.
          That doesnt mean im gonna be quiet if i think his business practices are suspect. (and yes, this is a business)

        • Sorry but you’re wrong. There are actually two of us who are patrons that I know of who post here being myself included. We post here because we do not want to reveal who we are. Our names are on the credits. Anyway Animopron keep up the good work and don’t listen to all these fools. I do hope you actually release it tomorrow because it has been delayed far too long

    • I am not a pateron but would have no problem paying for the video. I would rather pay for a video that is released on time than to wait for a free one with multiple delays.

  5. No one is hating on Animo as a content creator or wanting him to hurry up.

    People just became agitated after all the false “final update” posts he makes that delays the release again and again and again. Everything would be fine and quiet if he didn’t start raising hype then crashing it repeatedly.

  6. Yes it’s official!!! The wait is finally over and will be released tomorrow Thanks Animopron. Can’t wait any longer

  7. Finally, my blue balls can breath a sigh of relief today… i just gotta stand way back so my keyboard wont get sticky.

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