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  1. With her face i can tell she don’t love that :p Btw did the horse will change from asshole to pussy in this position?

  2. Nice, episode 4 will be best. My theory is horse takes Lara from behind, lies down on her, she will not able to escape and horse will penetrate her ass really deep. Then horse go back to starting position (like in episode 2) and push cum to her ass

    • Maybe he went too deep, so she’s trying to escape, but the horse was standing on her hair, so at least she’s trying to turn around to take him from behind.
      Just when she slides her legs down from the stone, the horse could rear up, so she won’t reach the ground

  3. Um, little detail… Her right shoulder, the one against the alter top, her head should more be resting on her arm/shoulder(or maybe it would be better to say her shoulder and head should be folded together? I don’t know how your software works.), the way it is looks now, it’s like her arm is made of plastic.

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