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  1. Heh…I could just see it now. It goes balls deep, squirts hard. Some backs up and runs out of her nose, but the rest “powers through”…we come around to between her legs and see it leak, then spurt out of her ass. Hell after a stretching exercise like this one, Animo should bring Ellie back and have her and Lara engage in a fisting contest.

    • “When it’s done”

      I know it’s hard to wait but the video simply isn’t finished yet so Animo can’t release it. I don’t think it makes any sense to rush the end. Animo posts updates about the state every 1-2 days for patrons and anyone else. We can see his progress so it’s not like he disappeard or something like that. What you see in those previews is the stuff he has been working on for the last days. And as a patron who saw most preview videos I can say that it simply took this long because the quality of animation and it’s details is even better than in Ep2.

      • Nah, he told me he needed at least 2 weeks, and that was… well, two weeks ago. I’m sure he’s ready soon. :3

  2. Yup, splattery, gooey, nasty, dirty, utterly ridiculous, totally impossible, and hot as hell. Love the whole thing so far!

  3. The anticipation is killing me. Animo has to be by far one of the best animators out there for this stuff. I was thinking about what the next project might be and thought it would be pretty awesome if he did a Fallout one. Maybe with Piper and/or Cait? Lots of possibilities with Super Mutants, Deathclaws, Dogmeat and all of the other wasteland goodies. Plus with radiation mutations, anything can happen!

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