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  1. >There’s gonna be a 1 action scene after penetration, and then i will start rendering the 1 episode of this movie.
    Anyway, hype for a 2019 release.

  2. That second 1 is it. The first? or The one?
    Also. The dick looks not fully hard and its huge! Love this cant wait. BREAK HER HARD!

  3. What a fucking tease of a pic your going to upload 1 pic with the head of the hourse cock right there haha what a fucking asshole

  4. Wait, the 1st episode? So is there going to be a 2nd episode? If so, then I vote to just keep going and combine episode 1 & 2, etc. to make it longer.

      Absolutely no incentive to rush anything because patreon money, and anyway 1 month is probably what it takes just for rendering because you wouldn’t think with 120k$+ a year he would invest in a rendering farm, eh?

  5. I hope that cock scares the shit out of her. And then she has to eat it. And then throws it back up once she gets throat fucked.

  6. I know this Isn’t going to happen but just imagine it lol
    Imagine if there was a second horse that came and 1 horse dick in mouth and other in pussy or ass lol i wonder how much cum there would be if that happend.

      • compared to lara she is actually pretty bad imo.. only thing she has going for is the fantasy of her being a game character..

    • To each one their taste. But yes, that’s not my type either. Can’t we have petite frame and small boobs sometime ? I think it goes even better with massive cocks.

  7. Animopron Team, this new project looks so good as everyone is saying. But please use audio like (or from) episodes of lara 1,2,3. Lara episode 4 audio wasn’t that attractive. It may be real life voice or so. But her moaning wasn’t attractive in ep 4. But we know you will do your best. Looking for release. Thank you.
    For next project can you use Tifa Lockhart from Final fantasy game.

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