Next project “genre”

While i’m working on the ending of EP4, here’s a little vote-poll – what kind of “activity” you would like to see in the next animation project?
Warning: it’s just a poll, to reveal people interests, it’s not the “final vote” or something.

Next animation featuring...
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464 Responses

  1. Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite
    First EP:elizabeth with various huge toys(vag & anal)with belly bulge
    EP 2:Elizabeth with deathclaw from fallout-vag only(belly bulge)
    EP 3:Same girl,same monster,but now anal
    NO deepthroath(please) & some kind of monster with ONLY 2 legs because there can be far more sex positions then with a horse(which has limited sex positions)
    Just a suggestion,m8

  2. Continue Ellie from last of us with the black guy or Callum her horse. Or have Elizabeth from Bioshock with her guardian the enormous Songbird or a bunch of giant dogs. Or Tracer/Widowmaker from Overwatch with Dogs/another overwatch character like RoadHog like in here . Or maybe even Scooby, except big because of some reason(scoobysnacks?), and Velma/Daphne threesome. Regardless of what you make though, would be nice to see some impregnation/birth at the very end like an epilogue to everything that happened in the video

  3. Something really extreme like Hina Bitch 2 Endless Bad Endings, with the giant monster totally ruining the poor Hentai girl, in 3D animation.

  4. Or maybe go next level with Ellie just bigger cocks, multiple filling all holes deep, ending with massive cum inflation. L

  5. How said one of viewers, I realize my mind to monster with giant horsecock and fucking ugly Jenny (member of this site) with role, of course, a victim. And also, then come a brutal cumfluid in all holes.

  6. It would be great if you can make a scene where lara gets her asshole and pussy prolapsed by the big horse cock. make her crawl away with her anal prolapse hanging like a tail and make the horse take her pussy and fuck her cervix till it prolapse.

  7. 1.xray of laras womb getting penetrated by horse and getting filled.
    2. Smaller girl like ellie with horse/turtle and the cock get stuck inside the womb, kind of dragning the girl around after filling her.
    3. Lara or ellie or tiny tina from the borderlands games getting fuck by a pig, eg. in their peehole and deep.

    Great work with Lara.

  8. I would love to see a female with either a female dog or horse. Strap ons, rimmimg, fisting…on both subjects; ). Either way I’d love to watch a chick play with an animals ass even if it’s just rubbing. Or anything super extreme would be nice.

  9. First of all: great work!
    Characters i’d like to see are:
    – Ahsoka Tano (The Clone Wars)
    – Sarah and Ellie (Last of us)
    All suggestions seem fine, with anal and big insertions

  10. Definitely dp with two horses, or dp with horse and dog or monkey and dog or monkey and horse, if possible elephant or giraffee but dp. We need threesome of any animals posted above

  11. Quiet from metal gear solid5 will do for the female role, any two animals dp will be good as its not possible for real(dp with animals) hell yeah

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