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    • She’s not peeing she’s having a squirting orgasm, where with every thrust she squirts a bit more. if you’ve watched regular porn, that happens

      Very well done animo, I was thinking of an idea, when the horse is about to cum, for u to have her pretty much balls deep, and then you see his cock expand a bit more to show he’s going to cum, I think that would be really hot, as well for him to have big balls with a big load for her and it to drain him so you see his balls shrink considerably just a thought

  1. I little let down: On the Stone, he penetratet her balls deep, with his cock to her collar bone. Now his cock only reach her ripcage….

  2. This is all just fiction. So the big cock never could penetrate her bodily holes. Not worth solve clavicle and chest, urinating on another body hole or sperm dripping from her vagina. This is all just amazing spectacle, full of excitement. Great work Animo

  3. Seeing her stomach is about to get punched from inside, I’d like to see a liquid coming like this from her mouth, foaming with every thrust…

  4. She’s getting it right!
    Please tell me he is going to stick Whole the cock in her ass, till the very ballsack. The thickest part of his cock, balls deep

    • He can do whatever he wants, as long as there is a petite girl and a very huge cock ! :p My first idea, though, would be a scene between Nivellen and one of his ladies of company (The Witcher series), innocents girls that penniless daddies give to the brave big monster Nivellen, in exchange for cash. When the girl arrives, she is shy and frightened at the beginning but then, Nivellen seduces her and finally, she ends up yelling “Bite me ! Eat me up !” or “Tear me apart, you, monster !” (It’s litterally in the book’s story ! ^^) Sort of remix of Beauty and the Beast A bit like this, for example : http://img2.thatpervert.com/pics/post/full/Witcher-Porn-r34–shani-2894242.jpeg (It’s another characters from The Witcher but nevermind…) It would be a fucking hot scene, similar at the other vid of Animopron with Ellie of The Last of Us ass pounded by a very massive fucker ! (epic scene too, btw ! )

    • And where the fuck will you place that horses !? o_O One in her vagina or anus + another in her mouth, why not, even if I would find this a bit too weird, almost like comic… But a “rush rise line” !?? Jeez ! Did you see the size of this dick !? The perineum of Lara is so under pressure that you couldn’t fit even a little finger in his pussy !!! xD Poor girl is already at her maximum…

      • it is impossible for that huge cock will hit the chest , and if you see it from that point of view , the more impressive is better, already broke all scheme …. what’s the problem ? is an animation …. there to look for details that make actual … the fantasy and all the possibilities that delivers 3D must exploit … as you do … I encourage exchange perhaps his style .. . but it is still great.

        • Yeah, yeah… I see your point… But I disagree. If the more impressive is better, Animopron should do a vid of Lara and a dragon having a dick even bigger that her body or Lara taking a wardrobe in the ass… xD So yes, 3D offers tons of possibilities and it’s really cool but I think there’s difference between fantasy porn, even extreme and total bullshit geeks phantasms… I love the Animopron’s videos because they are fantastic, extreme but so realistic in the same time ! Well… The vid with Ellie was like that. Those with Lara are already over the top (the deepthroat makes me think of an anaconda swallowing his prey… xD ) but it’s still OK, thanks to the very realistic animations, details and hot action ! Again, hurray for the guy !!! Though, more extreme and I’d start to find this ridiculous more than exciting… Just my feelings…

    • The only thing from rush rise line that would be best in this Lara series, would be the inflated tummy from the fourth one where the horse keeps funking her. One horse is enough for Lara considering the size of it’s cock.

  5. But shouldn’t she keep her legs down while being assaulted like that? She’s getting it deeper that way and i like but still…

  6. I hope you’re not planning to have Lara shout out in pain. Maybe in slight discomfort at the beginning, but if she was rest of the video in absolute bliss, that would be awesome!

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