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  1. hey animo, me again: I am curious, in the end of the episode, will you make her show to the public how much she become “gaped”? (you know, like “before and after”)

  2. I loved the blowjob scene. It might be the best thing I’ve ever seen in porn. Face in the balls was absolutely amazing too and I wish that was longer. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I don’t really care as long as there’s more bj and ball scenes, lol

    • Relax ….He is just beginning, these posts are just drafts, the final version of these details will be corrected. If you follow his work then you should know that.

  3. Getting ready for the big plunge. The prolapse was totally hot last time – I wonder what her hole will look like after that horse has had his way with it.

  4. It was stressful enough on her vagina and throat, her intestines are literally going to be FUBAR after horsey has his way with her, and it’s so delicious

    • You know, 3d porn is like Inception. “We need to go deeper!”
      While I’m looking forward to all the anal action, I would expect her womb to get raided as last.
      Sure she’ll have all holes stressed wide enough, but this one won’t let him deep enough.
      Until the 1250 pounds of horsemeat makes its way.

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